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Yuzuki Choco is a member of Hololive’s 2nd Generation and made her first debut on YouTube in September 2018. Throughout her VTuber career playing games, singing, and chatting with viewers, she has charmed numerous fans with her mature, feminine charm and playful, yet calming voice.

Yuzuki Choco Background

Although Choco participates in various collaborations with other VTubers and streams a variety of games like Dead by Daylight, Minecraft, and APEX Legends on her own, Choco is more known for other content like her ASMR, karaoke, and cooking streams.

Yuzuki Choco History

Yuzuki Choco made her original YouTube debut on September 4th, 2018, and focused primarily on ASMR content. Approximately six months after her debut, she reached 100,000 subscribers and revealed her 3D avatar shortly after. Around November 2019, Choco would be one of several Hololive VTubers that would lose monetization on their respective channels, which was generally attributed to YouTube’s unusually strict attitude toward ASMR content. In response, Choco created a second backup channel on December 1st, 2019. Choco still uploads to this backup channel periodically and generally streams herself playing Ark: Survival Evolved. In 2020, like with other Hololive VTubers, Choco would make her first live concert appearance in “Nonstop Story”, which occurred on January 24th, 2020. Later that year, Choco would also receive an updated Live2D model and a maid outfit for her avatar. As of April 2021, Choco has surpassed 500,000 subscribers on her main channel and 200,000 on her backup channel.

Yuzuki Choco Physical Description

Yuzuki Choco is a young adult female demon who, compared to most other members of Hololive, has a fairly mature figure. Due to her adult charm and soothing voice, many people believe that she is a succubus, though she is just a general demon. Aside from the black horns on her head, black wings that sprout from her back, and a long tail that wraps around one of her legs, she looks much like a regular human with green and blue eyes and long blond hair. Since she is allegedly a school nurse from the demon realm, Choco’s main outfit consists of a pink top and black skirt with lace trim and is covered by a white lab coat that is lined with red on the inside. Although her top used to reveal much of her chest, her outfit has been updated to be a bit less revealing.

Throughout her VTuber career, Choco has also received several alternate outfits as well. Some examples include a hospital nurse outfit covered with a school uniform jacket, a maid uniform that comes complete with a pair of twin tails, and a New Year’s kimono that accentuates her womanly charm.

Yuzuki Choco Personality

Perhaps due in part to her nature as a nurse, Choco is almost universally known in the VTuber community for her more mature nature and caring personality. Through her ASMR streams and such, she gained a reputation for being a sort of motherly figure that spoils her viewers and is often referred to as “Choco-sensei” by her fans and other members of Hololive. This motherly side of her is also further emphasized by her cooking skills, which are said to be some of the best in all of Hololive. That said, she ironically likes being spoiled herself and will often ask her audience for praise after reaching a specific goal. When she collabs with other VTubers, her personality often adapts slightly to adapt to whoever she is with. While her motherly nature usually carries over with younger characters, Choco can become fairly talkative and giggly when in large groups or with VTubers that have a similar personality to Choco’s.

Associated Company

Yuzuki Choco is a member of Hololive Production. This VTuber agency is owned by Cover Corporation and manages over 50 individual VTubers, including globally recognized characters like Kiryu Coco, Shirakami Fubuki, and Houshou Marin (Marine). Although Hololive only consists of purely female characters, Hololive Production also has a male group of VTubers called Holostars, which includes characters like Aragami Oga, Kanade Izuru, and Astel Leda.

Notable Releases

Although she used to prominently produce ASMR content earlier in her vtuber career, Choco (and several other members that focused on ASMR content) had monetization from their channels removed. Many believed that this was due to YouTube’s seemingly strict attitude towards ASMR in general. In response, Choco has generally limited ASMR streams to those that have joined her YouTube membership and has diversified her content. Today, she is known mostly for her cooking streams and her “physical examination” collaboration streams.

Cooking Streams

One of Choco’s greatest skills is her cooking and many members often compliment her on her cooking whenever she cooks for others. Her cooking skills eventually resulted in Choco creating a series of cooking streams where she chats with her viewers as she cooks various dishes. No matter what Choco cooks, she usually has the recipe of the dish she is making displayed on the screen. Although she cannot have a live camera showing the cooking process to protect her privacy, Choco takes pictures of the final dish to show to her audience.

“Physical Examination” Streams

To appeal to the nurse side of her character, Choco also hosts collaborative streams with other VTubers where she takes an in-depth look at the guest’s character and discusses various aspects of their design. Following the physical examination, Choco will hold various other tests for her guests. Some examples include tests that evaluate the guest’s psychology and academic ability.


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