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Hoshikawa Sara is a Nijisanji member known for her song covers and outgoing personality. She often collaborates with other popular Nijisanji members to make friends and gain more viewers.

Hoshikawa Sara Background

Hoshikawa Sara is a female Japanese VTuber who debuted under Nijisanji's 2019 lineup. She is half-Japanese and half-British but speaks fluent Japanese due to living in Virtual Japan. Her age is unknown, but she plays the part of a teenage junior with other Nijisanji members.

Hoshikawa Sara History

Hoshikawa started her YouTube channel on September 25, 2019. She debuted on October 19 with an hour-long introduction stream. During this stream, Hoshikawa tried to get viewers to call her Princess Sara. However, her senior Nijisanji members in the chat popularized her simple nickname "Hoshikawa" instead. In March 2020, Hoshikawa debuted her second outfit design and in July she received her updated 2D avatar. In December 2020, Hoshikawa debuted her 3D model. While traditionally Nijisanji members perform one song cover in celebration of their 3D model, Hoshikawa performed three. As of April 2021, Hoshikawa has over 450,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Hoshikawa Sara Physical Description

Hoshikawa looks like an energetic teenage girl with long blonde hair worn in a high-side ponytail. Her eyes are two different colors, one orange, and one magenta. An alternating orange and magenta color scheme repeats through her outfit, as seen in her hair ribbon. She wears a white tank top tied up to reveal her midriff. Over the tank top, she wears an oversized white track jacket with orange and magenta lining on the hood. The strings of her thong peeking out of the top of her pale blue micro shorts. Pale blue repeats in her socks and armband tied over her jacket sleeve. Her white and black wedge heel boots complete the outfit and add to her official height.

Her second outfit follows a British motif. She wears a dark red off-the-shoulder sweater with a small Union Jack emblem on the chest. A red, blue, and white ribbon adorn the lower-left corner of the sweater. Like her standard outfit, she wears micro shorts, only this time in brown plaid over sheer black tights. The outfit debuted with her hair down, though she occasionally wears it with her hair in her trademark ponytail.

Hoshikawa Sara Personality

Hoshikawa's most distinct personality trait is her tendency to get carried away over a compliment. Her fans and fellow VTubers compensate for her ego by teasing her. She takes the teasing well due to her playful and energetic nature. Her outgoing and persistent personality can be alienating, but she will continue to try to make every one like her. Given her interests in fashion and performing, Hoshikawa often doesn't understand otaku references.

Associated Company

Hoshikawa belongs to the Japanese virtual talent agency Nijisanji. Nijisanji currently has over 100 active Japanese VTubers. Hoshikawa debuted in the 2019 wave of VTubers in the company's largest cohort of 44 creators.


Orihimeboshi is the official group name for Hoshikawa's debut cohort. The other group members are Fumi and Yamagami Karuta. Occasionally, they stream casual games such as Minecraft and Mario Kart. For their six-month anniversary, the trio performed a cover of "Ai Kotoba III" by DECO*27.

Notable Releases/Videos

Hoshikawa started her channel with a variety of gaming and chat stream videos. She found her niche in Nijisanji through her singing ability and relationships with other talented members.

Song Covers

Hoshikawa posted her first song cover in December 2019. She performed "Booo!" by TOKOTOKO in what is still her most popular video at the time of writing. The cover brought Hoshikawa more views than her casual gaming videos in the months before, leading to a shift in her content. Since her first cover, Hoshikawa has performed songs from the HoneyWorks series and popular Vocaloids like Kairiki Bear. For Valentine's Day 2021, Hoshikawa posted a duet with Sasaki Saku covering kinoshita's "Poppin' Candy Fever!" The video gained over 1.5 million views within two months, making it one of Hoshikawa's most popular uploads. In the music video, Hoshikawa and Sasaki wear matching sailor-style school uniforms with candy-themed pins and accessories.

Gaming with Senpai

While not much of a gamer on her own, Hoshikawa often plays games with senior members of Nijisanji in collaboration videos. One of her most popular collaborations is with Kanae, given the name "KanaeBoshi." Kanae often mocks Hoshikawa for her lack of skills, especially when compared to him. However, Hoshikawa quips back, giving their collaboration videos a playful, fast-paced vibe. Most often, Hoshikawa and Kanae play Minecraft together. In one of their most popular Minecraft streams, Hoshikawa takes Kanae on a tour through a haunted hospital.

Other Activities

Outside of Nijisanji, Hoshikawa has significant friendships with several Hololive members. She and Akai Haato watched each other's debuts live and consider themselves fans of each other. Hoshikawa's biggest fan is Natsuiro Matsuri. Natsuiro sent a ¥12,000 superchat to Hoshikawa during her second outfit debut live stream.

In June 2020, Hoshikawa announced her casting in Bandai Namco's upcoming multimedia franchise project Den-On-Bu. She plays Taiga Lucia, a short, feisty blond girl with experience living overseas.


Nijisanji included Hoshikawa in their 2021 Valentine's Day merchandise. She appears alongside Suzuhara Lulu, Shiina Yuika, and Amamiya Kokoro.


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