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Kuzuha is one of few male VTubers who has quickly become beloved by fans. Debuting independently in 2018, it wasn’t long before he joined Nijisanji’s group of gaming VTubers. Sitting at almost 800,000 subscribers, Kuzuha continues to gain popularity.

Kuzuha Background

Kuzuha is a fun and flamboyant NEET vampire gamer. He is a member of Nijisanji’s third batch of gaming VTubers. Kuzuha has the highest number of subscribers within Nijisanji. He is among the most popular male VTubers on the internet. His unique and hilarious personality has helped him in creating a loyal and growing fan base.

Kuzuha History

Kuzuha debuted independently on Youtube in March 2018 before being scouted by Ichikara Inc. He officially joined Nijisanji in June 2018 and was given a new Live2D model. This was actually the first instance of Nijisanji scouting out an independent VTuber. He streams about 2 to 4 every single day, sometimes even going on for 9 to 11 hours. Since his debut, he has participated in many online gaming events. The first of which was the VTuber Solo PUBG Tournament in July 2018, where he placed 2nd. In October 2018, he became an official partner of PUBG Japan and has participated in many more PUBG competitions.
Kuzuha became popular for his songs and song covers as well. In February of 2021, his cover of “KING” reached over 10 million views, making it Nijisanji’s most viewed video of all time. He is currently Nijisanji’s most popular VTubers and one of the most popular male VTubers.

Kuzuha’s official lore states that he was born in the demon world and that his real name is Aleksandr Lagusa. Due to his father’s love for humans, his family migrated to the human world. In order to learn more about humans, Kuzuha morphed his appearance into that of a young child. This way he could attend school and learn more about humans. He also has a female form called Sanya. However, he claims that he doesn’t morph into her often because it consumes a lot of mana.

Kuzuha Physical Description

Kuzuha is a pale vampire with bright red upturned eyes and white hair. He wears a black tracksuit with a red bat insignia paired with white sweatpants. He has a small mole under his left eye as well as one on his right collarbone. As a vampire, he has sharp pointed claws and pointy ears with multiple piercings on them. In his original design, his hair comes down to almost cover his eyes. The original design also features him in a black turtleneck and white pants. He also has a few different designs including two summer outfits, a winter outfit, a spring outfit, and a Game day outfit.

VTuber Personality

When he originally debuted, Kuzuha came off as a suave vampire. He stated that in the demon world, there was always pressure to be the best and come out on top. However, his character has evolved into a very fun and energetic individual. One of the things his fans love about him is his expressive and boastful personality. In his streams, he speaks very casually and is often jokingly confrontational or aggressive. He is also known for his love of money and materialistic attitude.

In contrast to this, he is very shy and meek when collaborating with others. One quirky thing he is known for is his ‘weather deck’. When first meeting other livers, he is known to bring out questions about the weather or other talking points to reduce the awkwardness. However, his interactions become less awkward as he builds relationships with these livers. He is also known to be wise on occasion and good at reading the room.

Associated Company

Kuzuha is part of the vocal group ChroNoir, which is a musical unit produced by NijiSanji. This unit consists of VTubers Kanae and Kuzuha. It is the only NijiSanji unit with its own Youtube channel. They have performed a number of covers.

Kuzuha is also part of the team KanChiKuzu. This team consists of VTubers Kanae, Yuuki Chihiro, and Kuzuha. They’ve competed in multiple APEX Legends tournaments.

Notable Games and Series

Kuzuha has played a variety of genres of games. He has played horror games including dead by daylight and among the sleep. He has also played Atlas, Pokemon Let’s go, Mario Kart, APEX Legends, PUBG, and Minecraft.

FPS games

When it comes to gaming, Kuzuha is most notably known for FPS games. This includes PUBG and APEX legends. Fans know Kuzuha for his chaotic gaming style and recklessness. He is a very high-ranked player in both games and is often a leader in his teams. He is an official partner for PUBG and has participated in many competitions for both games.


Kuzuha currently has one figurine named Nendoroid Kuzuha.

Nendoroid Kuzuha

Good Smile Company has produced a Nendoroid of Kuzuha. This adorable chibi figurine features Kuzuha in his signature tracksuit. The large chibi head clearly showcases Kuzuha’s smug expression and smile. It comes with three different face plates so users can switch out his expression. It comes with a cheeky smile with eyes closed, a composed look, and a smug smile. There are also optional parts including a crown, two submachine guns, a hairpiece with his hair clipped back, a console, and interchangeable body parts to make a variety of poses. Users can buy this as a set with a figurine of VTuber Honma Himawari.


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