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Tokino Sora is the very first VTuber that was produced by Hololive and is known throughout the Hololive community for her kind, yet playful attitude and her passion for her idol work. As the very first member of Hololive, she is often credited for paving the way for every other Hololive VTuber that came after her, which has led to her earning a lot of respect from her peers.

Tokino Sora Background

Since Tokino Sora has been active with Hololive since 2017, she has the longest history out of anyone with the agency and has gone through many different changes throughout the years. Today, Sora can be seen hosting many different kinds of content on her stream, like gaming, chatting, and karaoke streams.

Tokino Sora History

Tokino Sora made her first appearance on YouTube on September 7th, 2017. In the following month, Sora’s 3D model would receive two updates that changed her hairstyle and outfit that closely resemble what her modern design looks like today. On Halloween that year, she revealed a new outfit and recolor of her model that was themed after Halloween, which would later become a common occurrence for following holidays like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Day, and so on.

In May 2018, she would receive another update to her model, which finalized her more modern design. Her first album, Dreaming, was released on March 27th, 2019, and eventually tied into her first live concert titled “Dream” on October 6th. In 2020, Sora would see even more success, as she participated in the first major Hololive group concert in January, released another mini-album in March, wrote the lyrics for her original song “Aozora no Symphony” in May, and celebrated her third anniversary with another update to her 3D model in September. By the end of the year, Sora also reached 500,000 subscribers on her channel, a significant milestone for any YouTube channel.

Tokino Sora Physical Description

After her original debut in 2017, Sora has gone through several different design changes but has always appeared as a young woman with long, brown hair. In her original model, she has brown eyes and hair that was a light shade of brown. Her very first outfit was also similar to a type of white and blue school uniform with a yellow ribbon tied in a bow around her collar and a blue hair clip in her hair. In her first series of updates, her hair was made darker and included bangs that stick out to the sides of her hair, something that would become one of her more unique characteristics. These updates also changed the color of the ribbon on her outfit to red and her hair clip to yellow, aspects that would later go on to be a part of her modern design.

Sora’s current design made its debut in 2018 and has blue eyes (which are noted as being colored contacts) and even darker hair. Instead of a generic hair clip, Sora now has two star-shaped hair clips, one of which has a red ribbon tied to it to make it look like a shooting star. Her outfit shares some similarities to her original outfit, but is more refined and adds more unique details. In 2020, this design was updated further to add smoother animations and even more details. Shortly after her 2020 model was revealed, Sora received a casual outfit as well, which includes a loose pink top and a long, brown skirt.

Tokino Sora Personality

Within the Hololive community, many people believe that Sora is the most idol-like VTuber. She is generally a very upbeat, calm, and polite person that has a very relaxed, carefree, and casual attitude. While most members of Hololive would likely be hesitant to do so, Sora shows no hesitation to reveal some more personal aspects of herself, like her age and weight. Sora also says that she loves horror, but is now known for her rather mild reactions to jumpscares whenever she plays horror games. That said, she is notably weak to worms, which has garnered much stronger reactions from her.

Associated Company

Hololive Production is a VTuber agency that currently manages over fifty individual VTubers across multiple generations and language branches. While its Japanese-speaking branch is its largest, it also has branches of English and Indonesian-speaking VTubers as well. Tokino Sora is a member of the “0th Generation”, which refers to the group of Hololive VTubers that debuted outside of a specific generation as the agency was first making a name for itself. This group also includes Sakura Miko, Roboco-san, Hoshimachi Suisei, and AZKi.

Notable Releases

Although Sora often plays games on her channel, her most popular content includes her song releases and her karaoke streams.

Song Releases

As the first member of Hololive, Sora has one of the largest collections of songs that have been uploaded to her channel. These uploads can range from covers, to solo original songs and collaborative songs with other VTubers. Some of her most popular covers include Vocaloid songs like NayutalieN’s “Alien Alien”, 40mP’s “Clockwork Clown” and “Love Trial”, and Kanaria’s “KING”. On top of her covers, Sora has also released several original songs like “Yumeiro Asterisk” and “Aozora no Symphony”.

Karaoke Streams

In addition to her professionally released songs, Sora also often holds karaoke streams where she sings a variety of different songs live. While she often sings with instrumental tracks, Sora also sometimes brings a piano to these karaoke streams and plays her own music as she sings. These karaoke streams sometimes have a specific theme as well, like Vocaloid or anime songs.


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