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Ayunda Risu is a primarily Indonesian-speaking VTuber that is a member of Hololive’s Indonesian branch. Although the Indonesian branch of Hololive is not as popular as the English and Japanese branches of Hololive, Risu’s quirky, high-energy personality has reached an impressive amount of fans from around the world.

Ayunda Risu Background

Ayunda Risu is a squirrel girl that is a very kind, yet excitable VTuber that enjoys talking with her fans and playing various kinds of games on her channel.

Ayunda Risu History

Before she made her official debut, the members of the 1st Generation of Hololive Indonesia were officially revealed on April 6th, 2020. Several days later, Risu would make her YouTube debut on April 10th, making her the first member of Hololive Indonesia to do so. On June 29th, the main HoloID YouTube account would post the 1st Generation’s cover of “Ochame Kinou”, a song that was previously sung by most of the other Hololive members in the Japan branch in a compilation cover. This marked Risu’s first official cover song. Risu would later upload her first solo cover song on November 10th, which was Kanaria’s “King”. By the end of 2020, Risu gained over 300,000 subscribers on her channel. For her first anniversary the following year, Risu streamed herself reacting to her original debut on April 10th, 2021.

Ayunda Risu Physical Description

Risu is a humanoid squirrel girl with light brown hair with tan highlights, thin twin tails, and emerald green eyes. Like her nature as a squirrel would imply, she also has a pair of small squirrel ears on top of her head and a large, bushy tail that curls up behind her back. Her original outfit includes a tan and brown dress and a pink button-up jacket that is left open. The outfit also includes a red bow on her chest, a pair of thigh-high socks that are lined with fur, a necklace with an acorn charm attached to it, and a pink hat that matches her jacket.

To celebrate Indonesia’s Independence Day, Risu and the other members of the 1st Generation of HoloID received new outfits on August 16th. Risu’s new outfit consists of a pastel pink summer dress that is decorated with a faded black floral pattern and has a wide brown belt tied below her chest. It also comes covered with a light red jacket that is cut at her waist, a pair of sandals, and a small straw hat. Risu’s hair is also worn down and is adorned with various kinds of small flowers.

Ayunda Risu Personality

Risu is generally a very friendly, social, and energetic VTuber that is known for her quirky behavior, tendency to make cute noises, and interest in Western meme culture. Although she often speaks Bahasa Indonesian, Risu can also speak fairly fluent English and also has some Japanese skills, though she does not have much confidence in the latter. In her debut, Risu described herself as a clumsy crybaby, though she does not let this get her down. She also mentioned that Shirakami Fubuki and Inugami Korone are some of her favorite Hololive members.

Risu is also very considerate when it comes to her fans, though she does not play favorites when it comes to moderation in her chat. If she finds someone misbehaving and breaking rules in her chat room, she will not hesitate to time out or mute the troublemakers. That said, she is very receptive to what they say and will even play horror games for them if they desire it, though she is very scared of ghosts herself.

Associated Company

Risu is a VTuber that is managed by Hololive Production, a VTuber agency that includes three major brands: the all-female group named Hololive, the all-male group named Holostars, and INNK Music, the agency’s own music label. The largest brand within the agency by far is Hololive, which itself includes several smaller branches -- the biggest of which is the Japanese-speaking branch. Risu is a member of the 1st Generation of Hololive Indonesia, which also includes members Moona Hoshinova and Airani Iofifteen. In December 2020, HoloID would debut its second generation, which includes Kureiji Ollie, Anya Melfissa, and Pavolia Reine.

Notable Releases

While Risu occasionally plays games by herself or with other VTubers in her generation, she often enjoys making short meme videos as well. Aside from these things, however, Risu also often hosts chatting streams with her audience.

Meme Videos

One notable aspect of Risu that is a bit different from the other members of Hololive Indonesia is that she enjoys participating in meme culture from English-speaking parts of the world. This adventure really got its start in November 2020, where Risu began posting her daily “Nonstop Nut November” videos, as she loves collecting and eating nuts just as much as any squirrel. These short videos were posted onto her Twitter account and her YouTube channel and quickly went viral within the Hololive community. Following the end of November, Risu would go on to continue her daily series of short meme videos with “Devour Donut December”, which followed a similar format.

Chatting Streams

Risu’s chatting streams make up a fair bit of the content on her channel and can be fairly spontaneous in nature. Sometimes, these streams can have a specific theme like recent events in her daily life or have no theme at all and has Risu talking about whatever comes to her mind. Viewers of these chatting streams also like donating to Risu to have her speak in several different voices that she has become known for since her debut. While Risu is her default voice, she also does a child version of herself named “Wisu” and a deeper male version of herself named “Ananda Wisnu”


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