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OtapediaBelmond Banderas - VTuber

Belmond Banderas is one of Nijisanji’s most popular male VTubers. He gained popularity through his deep, calming voice and mature personality. Belmond primarily plays popular VTuber games and often participates in large Nijisanji tournaments. He streams almost every day and schedules long series in advance, making him an easy VTuber to follow.

Belmond Banderas Background

Belmond Banderas is a male Japanese VTuber associated with Nijisanji. According to his official backstory, he is a bartender at a bar that only exists in the dream world. His age and gender are unknown, as he claims that he was born when humans started to dream. He is incredibly popular, respected among the Nijisanji community, and has many celebrity friends in the real world. Belmond streams late at night, usually starting at midnight Japan Standard Time, until the early morning hours.

Belmond Banderas History

Belmond debuted with a YouTube live stream on September 25, 2018. In June 2019, he reached his first subscriber milestone with 100,000 subscribers on YouTube. The next month, he received the 2.0 brush up for his 2D model. In August 2019, he revealed his first alternate costume with a second costume revealed in September. He debuted his 3D model during a live stream on December 23, 2019. In 2020, Belmond received two additional outfit designs. In March 2020, he was supposed to participate in the Nijisanji Japan Tour Shout in the Rainbow! However, the event was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In February 2021, Belmond hosted a Tokyo Revenge Tour during the Nijisanji 3rd Anniversary Festival to make up for the canceled live. As of April 2021, Belmond has over 325,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Belmond Banderas Physical Description

Belmond looks like a tall, muscular man with medium-length brown hair, golden eyes, and stubble. In his standard design, he wears his hair in a low ponytail. He wears a black button-down tunic under two vests: a gray buttoned vest with an open brown vest on top. His accessories include two simple bracelets and a dog tag-style necklace. Belmond's many alternate designs include pirate and mafia costumes as well as modern casual clothing. In later appearances, Belmond started wearing wire-frame glasses and shorter hair. Many VTubers consider Belmond attractive and fight for his affection.

Belmond Banderas Personality

Belmond has a mature, wise personality that earned him a reputation as Nijisanji's "kind uncle." As a bartender, he developed patience and good manners. His late-night streams and deep voice made him a popular streamer to watch while falling asleep. Belmond worried that his voice was too low and scared female listeners, so he raised his voice to appear less threatening. His easygoing, calm nature earned him many friends, including voice actors Ono Yuuki and Suzuki Tatsuhisa. Belmond believes that he can be ill-tempered, though this personality trait seldomly appears during his streams. Fans named this alternate personality "Anideras," joking that this personality was not Belmond but his older brother.

Notable Games and Series

Belmond began his channel with roleplay streams in which he acted as the bartender to the viewer customer. After the Nijisanji group integration, he started doing more gaming streams. His talents in games, particularly Minecraft, earned him a noteworthy reputation within the VTuber community.

Minecraft Following

Belmond is one of the most skilled Minecraft players on the Nijisanji server. He has incredible luck when digging for ores, often unearthing diamonds and emeralds. His fascination with Redstone grew similar to a religious practice. Whenever encountering Redstone, Belmond would greet them and believe they would lead him to diamonds. After his repeated success in finding diamonds after greeting Redstone, fans developed a pseudo-religion around him. Fans believed that they could tap into his luck when Belmond uncovered diamonds or emeralds. As a result, viewers started doing gacha pulls during these moments in his streams. Belmond discourages fans from forcing this practice onto other VTubers.

Classic Games

Belmond has played multiple games and franchises known for their importance in the gaming community. In 2019, he played five of the main series games in the Metal Gear franchise starting with Metal Gear Solid. Belmond archived the streams in multiple playlists organized by game. In January 2021, he started streaming the cult classic RPG Undertale. Each stream lasts around two hours on average. However, Belmond spent over eight hours playing through the game's ending.

Notable Partnerships/Collaborations

Belmond debuted in the now-defunct group Nijisanji SEEDs. After integrating with the other VTubers, he formed several collaboration groups participating in gaming and variety streams.

Nijisanji Movie Club

Nijisanji Movie Club is a movie viewing group including Belmond, Shibuya Hajime, Dola, Debidebi Debiru, Nui Sociere, and Hayase Sou. The group watches movies together, streamed on Belmond's channel. During the streams, viewers only see the VTubers and hear their commentary. The movies are left offscreen due to copyright issues. They formed in December 2019, celebrating the group with a drinking party. Their first streamed film was Child's Play in March 2020 with a simultaneous broadcast on YouTube and bilibili. In June 2020, the group started their viewing of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. As of April 2021, the series is still ongoing.

Other Activities

Like other Nijisanji members, Belmond occasionally performs covers of popular Vocaloid songs. He also engages in voice acting bits, performing scenes or lines requested by viewers and other VTubers.


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