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OtapediaHonma Himawari - VTuber

Honma Himawari is a gaming VTuber with a friendly and approachable personality. With over 600,000 subscribers on Youtube, she is far from unknown. Fans love her relatability and adorable design. Honma fanbase has grown considerably since her debut in 2018 and continues to.

Honma Himawari Background

Honma was originally a member of the Nijisanji Gamers group. After Nijisanji Gamers merged into the main Nijisanji group in December 2018, she became a member of the main group. Honma loves playing games at home and often collaborates with other VTubers. Her brightness is infectious and beloved by many.

Honma Himawari History

Honma started her own Twitter account on June 25, 2018. Soon after, on July 2, 2018, she started her Youtube channel. Her first stream took place live a little over a week after that on July 11th. After 3 years of streaming, she currently has over 600,000 subscribers. This makes her one of the most popular members of Nijisanji. Honma is also active in Bilbili. There she has over 260,000 fans. Her Twitter account currently has over 400,000 followers. Honma also debuted her 3D model during a stream on April 25 of 2019.

On March 5, 2020, Honma worked alongside other VTubers in Nijisanji’s collaboration with “Dawn of the Breakers”. “Dawn of the Breakers” is an online anime-inspired action game. Honma and a few other Nijisanji members make an appearance in it.

Honma Himawari Physical Description

Honma Himawari is a high school girl who sits at 153 cm and 55.1 kg, though her weight has increased over the years. Honma was short orange hair with bangs and bright green downturned eyes. The shape of her eyes gives her an inviting look. She has a big sunflower tucked into her hair as well. Honma wears a high school uniform with a blue blazer. She has a plaid green skirt and thigh-high stockings with a cat design.

Honma has a number of outfit and design variations. These include a winter uniform outfit, a Santa outfit, a shrine maiden outfit, a summer outfit, an FPS outfit, and a mouse version. In her winter uniform outfit, she has long orange hair and earmuffs. Her blazer has been switched out with a cardigan, her skirt for a plain black one, and her stockings for plain black ones as well. She also wears a thick plaid scarf.

One of her most striking outfits is her FPS outfit. She dons short hair with a braid, and a cool street style jacket and shorts. She also carries a large gun with sunflowers. It gives her a very cool and cute look.

Honma Himawari Personality

Honma is a high school sophomore. She likes gaming and cats and is known for being bright and cheerful, but also for being airheaded and a bit slow. In a stream, Honma revealed to her fans that she didn’t perform well in school. She had previously skipped a semester of school due to her own personal issues, such as self-esteem problems. Honma said that becoming a VTuber inspired her to want to turn her life around. She is so happy to meet all the people in Nijisanji and she now wants to encourage people to not give up.

In streams, Honma sometimes does silly things. In one stream she pointed at the camera, forgetting that the audience couldn’t actually see her. She has also once said that she thought that the sun and moon are the same thing.

Honma is known for being somewhat chubby and she has gained weight since her debut. She doesn’t seem to mind being chubby and fans enjoy her confidence and carefree attitude about it. She also has an adorable bear mascot named Kumawari.

Associated Company

Honma is a member of Nijisanji, formerly known as Nijisanji gamers. Honma is also a member of the group Dokuzuhonsha. This group consists of VTubers Honma, Kuzuha, Dola, and Yashiro Kizuku. They often collaborate to do streams together under this name. During these streams, they enjoy roleplaying as a family. Honma takes on the role of the elder sister, which suits her well. She is very close with Dola, and they often have sleepovers and do streams together.

Notable Games and Series

Honma loves playing a variety of games, most notably shooters. Games that she has video series for are Metal Gear Solid games, Monster Hunter Rise, and Detroit Become Human. Honma has also been playing Minecraft. She often does collaborations with Kuzuha and sometimes they play games together as well. Honma has a few song covers as well that are quite popular. Her most popular video on youtube is actually a cover she did with Kuzuha of the song "Turing Love” by Nanawoakari


Recently Honma has played the game Kuukiyomi, or Consider It. It’s a Japanese game that places you in situations where you have to make considerable decisions. Honma had a lot of fun playing it and it showcased her sense of humor.


Honma has a figurine called Nendoroid Honma Himawari. It's an adorable chibi version of Honma that showcases her bright personality in her schoolgirl outfit. This figurine comes with replaceable faceplates so that you can change her expression. It comes with a simple smile, a smile with eyes closed, and a surprised look. Optional parts include a console, a shotgun, body parts, and her mascot Kumawari. This figure series also has a Kuzuha figurine.


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