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Hoshimachi Suisei is a Japanese VTuber that is currently a member of Hololive. Although she did not formally join Hololive until December 2019, Suisei was originally an independent VTuber that specifically had the goal of becoming a virtual idol from the very beginning, making her a perfect fit for Hololive.

Hoshimachi Suisei Background

As a VTuber that focuses on idol activities, Suisei is mostly known for her music-focused content, though she does often stream games on her channel as well.

Hoshimachi Suisei History

Hoshimachi Suisei made her first YouTube debut as an independent VTuber on March 22nd, 2018. Everything from Suisei’s original character design to her Live2D model was made by Suisei herself. Prior to joining Hololive, Suisei still managed to release two original songs -- “comet” and “Tenkyuu, Suisei ha Yoru wo Mataide” -- on March 22nd and November 22nd, 2018 respectively. During her time as an independent VTuber, Suisei briefly joined a VTuber group named S:gnal before leaving to resume her activities on her own. On May 19th, 2019, Suisei showed up as a surprise guest in AZKi’s first live concert and announced that she would be joining Hololive’s music label, INoNaKa Music before transferring to the main branch of Hololive on December 1st. After joining Hololive, she received a new Live2D model and design, making her the only member of the “0th Generation” to use a Live2D model in most of her streams.

Since Suisei became a member of Hololive, she has participated in many different events and released even more original songs in the process. Suisei’s 3D model would make its first appearance in Hololive’s first major concert, “Nonstop Story”, though she would have a regular 3D debut later in March 2020. Her third original song “NEXT COLOR PLANET”, was released for her on her second anniversary on March 22nd, 2020, and was her first original that was released with the help of Hololive.

Hoshimachi Suisei Physical Description

Although her design has changed slightly over the years, Suisei is always represented as a young woman with shoulder-length blue hair worn in a side ponytail. Her original main outfit she used while acting as an independent VTuber consisted of a gray, black dress with a white skirt, short, a light blue tie with a star ornament, blue star earrings, and a pair of pale, dark blue thigh-high socks. After her transfer to Hololive, her Live2D model was updated, overhauling her design in the process. Her new main outfit is a white and black plaid uniform with a dark blue belt and a matching bow. She also has a bow tied behind her back with ribbons that fall down her legs and are themed after a night sky.

Hoshimachi Suisei Personality

Suisei is often seen as an incredibly positive and energetic person that is also quite polite and humble. She is also known for her incredible work ethic and persistence, which is made even clearer when considering that she continued working independently for a year on her own with little to no growth before joining Hololive. Several members have also come to be quite close with Suisei, particularly Amane Kanata. Despite her usually upbeat and positive personality, Suisei has also shown no hesitation or remorse when killing other members in games like Project Winter and Among Us, which has led some to jokingly consider that she has a hidden dark side to her personality. Aside from her singing skills, Suisei is also incredibly skilled at playing Tetris and has proven herself to be the best player in all of Hololive on multiple occasions.

Associated Company

Hololive Production is a VTuber agency that manages over 50 different VTubers under several different brands like Hololive, Holostars, and INNK Music. This particular agency is owned by Cover Corporation, which started out by developing software for AR and VR technology before shifting its focus to motion tracking and producing “virtual idols” after the success of characters like Kizuna Ai. Hoshimachi Suisei is a member of Hololive’s “0th Generation”, which refers to VTubers that debuted under Hololive outside of a specific generation and also includes Tokino Sora, Sakura Miko, Roboco-san, and AZKi.

Notable Releases

As a member that constantly works toward becoming a virtual idol, Suisei is mostly known for her music-based content like her song covers, original song uploads, and her 3D concerts.

Song Releases

Since her original debut in 2018, Suisei has uploaded dozens of different songs to her channel, the majority of which are covers of popular songs like Goose House’s “Hikaru Nara” (with Akiyama Rentarou and Akita Himaru), Franchouchou’s “Saga Jihen” (with Hololive 3rd Generation), and Ikimonogatari’s “Blue Bird”. Aside from her covers, Suisei has also uploaded several original songs as well. As of April 2021, she has released “comet”, “Tenkyuu, Suisei ha Yoru wo Mataide”, “NEXT COLOR PLANET”, and “GHOST”.

Solo 3D Concerts

While several other Hololive members have received 3D concerts in the past, they are often reserved for special occasions and are considered to be a significant event. That said, Suisei has currently performed four solo 3D concerts. Her first occurred on March 1st, 2020, and acted as her official 3D debut, though her 3D model was previously revealed in “Hololive 1st fes. Nonstop Story”. The second 3D concert was organized to celebrate Suisei’s birthday and the second anniversary, which took place on March 22nd, 2020, and saw the debut of “NEXT COLOR PLANET. To celebrate reaching 500,000 subscribers, Suisei performed another concert titled “STARt in the SCREEEN!”, which also featured Tokino Sora and AZKi as guests. Her most recent concert, “GHOST”, celebrated Suisei’s third anniversary and saw the release of an original song with the same name on April 13th, 2021.


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