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Roboco-san is a Japanese VTuber that is a part of Hololive’s “0th Generation” and was the second VTuber to be produced by the agency after Tokino Sora. As one of the founding members of Hololive, Roboco-san helped the agency become what it is today with her calm personality and soothing, breathy voice.

Roboco-san Background

Prior to her debut as a Hololive VTuber in March 2018, Roboco-san was a passion project of her designer, kuromaru9, who began publicly showcasing the progression of her creation since April 23rd, 2016. Since joining Hololive, however, she has hosted a variety of content on her channel ranging from gaming streams to ASMR content and song covers.

Roboco-san History

On February 8th, 2018, Roboco-san’s VTuber debut was teased on one of Tokino Sora’s streams, which was later followed up by a teaser video that was uploaded on Roboco-san’s YouTube channel on March 4th. Her first introductory stream was later held on March 9th. Since it took a couple of years for Hololive to truly start growing, overall growth was fairly slow for a while, though by the end of 2019, Roboco-san revealed several different outfits, released her first original song, and reached over 100,000 subscribers. In 2020, she began growing exponentially along with many other members of Hololive and made her first concert appearance in “Nonstop Story”, Hololive’s first major live concert. As of April 2021, Roboco-san has approximately 600,000 subscribers and is showing a consistent rate of growth.

Roboco-san Physical Description

Although Roboco-san is a robotic android, she has the appearance of a young girl with dark brown, shoulder-length hair and golden eyes. Throughout her career as a VTuber, she has revealed several different outfits, though her original costume includes a short-sleeved red and grey camo jacket, black glasses, and a pair of red and black gloves. One of Roboco-san’s most unique traits is her legs which, when compared to a normal human’s, has three toes instead of five. Her mechanical nature also lets her swap out “parts” of her character, allowing her to have cat ears, rabbit ears, and several different hairstyles. Some of her various additional outfits include a pink and black camo hoodie, a t-shirt, a New Year’s kimono, and more.

Roboco-san Personality

Roboco-san is a VTuber with an exceptionally calm personality and a soft, breathy voice that many of her viewers find soothing and comforting. She finds watching horror movies and the like thrilling, she hates the idea of playing horror games, as she thinks playing the character herself makes it much more terrifying. Despite being an android, Roboco-san can often be quite air-headed and loves cute things. Although she first adopted a rabbit to differentiate herself among the many Hololive members that adopted cats, Roboco-san currently has three cats named Koromo, Happy, and Chacha. Her level-headed personality also makes it easy for her to get along with others, especially when they share similar interests like shooting games.

Associated Company

Roboco-san is a member of Hololive Production, a VTuber agency that manages several brands of VTuber groups, the largest of which is Hololive. Hololive Production currently manages over 50 individual VTubers from several parts of the world. While many members in Hololive Production often stream on their own individual channels, Hololive Production also organizes a variety of events and collaborations for its VTubers like special live concerts and collaborations. Some notable examples include “Bloom”, a concert that took place in February 2021 that featured a setlist of completely original music and collaborations with companies like Lawson, Sanrio, and Bushiroad. Roboco-san is also a part of Hololive’s “0th Generation”, which generally refers to the group of VTubers that debuted outside of a traditional generation. This group also includes Tokino Sora, Sakura Miko, Hoshimachi Suisei, and AZKi.

Notable Releases

Although Roboco-san is a notable fan of shooters like APEX Legends, much of Roboco-san’s most popular content on her channel includes ASMR, chatting, and music content.

ASMR and Chatting Streams

Roboco-san’s soft, breathy voice has led her ASMR and chatting content to be a favorite among her fans. For some of her more recent ASMR streams, she uses a KU100 microphone, which is a particularly expensive microphone that is also shaped like a human head. Although she used to do ASMR content that was open for everyone to view, YouTube’s rather strict treatment of other Hololive members’ ASMR streams has caused her to restrict many of her ASMR streams to viewers with her YouTube membership. Although it is not always the case, Roboco-san has also sometimes hosted chatting streams with a binaural microphone, something that is fairly unique among members of Hololive.

Music Content

Roboco-san has also released a variety of original songs and covers on her channel. She has two solo original songs: “FICTION” and “Shachiku no Uta”, though she has also participated in other group songs produced by Hololive as well. Such examples include the studio versions of “Kirameki Rider” and “AsuiroClearSky”, as well as “Candy-Go-Round”, and “Suspect”. Aside from her original songs, Roboco-san has sung multiple covers of popular songs like Kanaria’s “KING”, Jesus-P’s “Remote Controller” (with Tokino Sora), and more.


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