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Moona Hoshinova is an Indonesian and English speaking VTuber that is a member of the 1st Generation of Hololive Indonesia. While Hololive Indonesia does not get as much attention as the agency’s other branches, Moona has still gained a significant amount of followers in the VTuber community with her relaxed personality and playful antics with her peers.

Moona Hoshinova Background

Unlike her fellow squirrel girl and alien gen-mates, Moona is a regular human VTuber who used to work as a fashion model prior to joining Hololive. When she streams, she generally prefers playing games like Minecraft and collaborating with the other members of Hololive Indonesia’s 1st Generation.

Moona Hoshinova History

Like with the other members of Hololive Indonesia, Moona’s first appearance was revealed in an announcement made by Hololive on April 6th, 2020. She would later make her official debut on her YouTube channel on April 11th, making her the second member in her generation to make their debut. On June 4th, she would upload her first cover song to her channel, which was “Again” by Beverly. The following day, Moona would begin streaming on Facebook for a few weeks, though YouTube remained her primary platform for streaming. To celebrate Indonesia’s Independence Day (August 16th), Moona and the other Hololive Indonesia members received new summer outfits for them to use. By the end of the year, Moona would reach over 300,000 subscribers on her channel. This number would double around the time of her first anniversary of her debut.

Moona Hoshinova Physical Description

Moona is a young woman with purple eyes and hair that fades to a light shade of yellow toward its tips. Although she otherwise appears as a regular human, the hair that flows behind her head is illuminated with shining white stars, which fits into her night sky theme. Her main outfit consists of a black sleeveless shirt and shorts, a loose, baggy white jacket that is tied with a black belt and worn off of her shoulders, and a pair of white and black thigh-high boots. This outfit also includes accessories like a blue and orange ribbon with a matching star ornament that is tied around her collar, a black choker around her neck, and an earring on her right ear.

On August 16th, 2020, Moona would also reveal a second outfit that she can also use with her Live2D model. This outfit uses a black top that is similar to her original outfit, turquoise and gold knee-length skirt, a red sash tied around her waist, and a pair of detached aqua sleeves with a veil attached to it that matches Moona’s hair. Instead of wearing her hair down like she normally does, this outfit has Moona wearing her hair in a ponytail and is tied with a blue ribbon.

Moona Hoshinova Personality

Compared to the rest of the 1st Generation of Hololive Indonesia, Moona is often considered to be the calm and relaxed member of the group. Although Moona first started out quite shy, she quickly gained more and more confidence as time went on. She also quite enjoys teasing other Hololive members, particularly from the Indonesian branch. Moona is also quite known for her appetite and likes to snack on food as she streams. While Moona is generally carefree and cheerful, she has another side of her personality that has been named “Hoshinova”. This “alter ego” speaks in a deeper voice and often takes a more serious, ominous, or harsh tone. “Hoshinova” often appears when she is angry, like when Risu took her piggy bank to play with the change inside.

Associated Company

Hololive Production is a VTuber agency that is known for globally recognized members like Shirakami Fubuki, Minato Aqua, Uruha Rushia, Kiryu Coco, and more. The agency itself is split into three brands (Hololive, Holostars, and INNK Music), though its all-female VTuber group, Hololive, is by far its largest. Within Hololive, there are three active groups that are split by the primary language its members speak: Hololive Japan, Hololive English, and Hololive Indonesia. Moona is a member of the first generation of Hololive Indonesia, which also includes Ayunda Risu, Airani Iofifteen, Kureiji Ollie, Anya Melfissa, and Pavolia Reine.

Notable Series

While Moona can be seen streaming a variety of content on her channel from games to chats and collaborations, her most prevalent series is her Minecraft streams.


Compared to the other members of Hololive Indonesia, Moona is often considered to be one of the best builders in Minecraft. This has led her to helping her fellow members build structures and other contraptions in their world. Eventually, she caught the eye of Usada Pekora and collaborated with her on the Hololive Japan server, making it one of the few long-running collaborations between Hololive Japan and Hololive Indonesia. Although there was a significant language barrier between the two, Moona quickly joined Pekora’s “Usada Construction” group and became her right-hand woman when it came to Minecraft.

Other Notable Activities

Aside from her gaming and chatting streams, Moona also has the most music uploads out of the members of her generation. When it comes to her cover songs, Moona likes to pull from several different artists from around the world, including songs like Hitoshizuku-P’s “Synchronicity III: Requiem of the Endless World” (with Aoi Sora), BLACKPINK’s “How You Like That” (with Kureha Kurono), and Utopia’s “Baby Doll”. On February 16th, 2021, Moona would also release her first original song, “Ai no Chiisana Uta”, making her the first member of Hololive Indonesia to release a full-size original song.


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