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Yomemi is a Japanese-speaking VTuber that is a part of a group that is often referred to as “Eilene’s Family”. Like most others in this group, Yomemi is affiliated with ICETEA, a company that was founded by Eilene after she left ENTUM in June 2018.

Yomemi Background

Those that take a look at Yomemi will likely notice that she looks nearly identical to Yomeno Moemi. This is because Yomemi is a virtual A.I. girlfriend that was based on Yomeno Moemi and was introduced a few months after Moemi’s debut. As a virtual YouTuber, Yomemi often appears in several different gameplay highlights along with animated shorts along with other members of Eilene’s Family.

Yomemi History

As an A.I. clone of her predecessor, both Yomemi and Moemi share a single YouTube channel. Moemi made her debut on the channel on August 21st, 2017. Moemi would continue uploading videos along with her manager Eilene and her other family members until January 7th, 2018, where Yomemi would make her debut. As a “virtual girlfriend”, Yomemi was often limited to appearing on a phone or TV screen, but on August 11th, 2018, she would receive a 3D model despite debuting after Moemi, who did not receive a 3D model until June 7th, 2019. In September 2019, another VTuber member of the Eilene Family named Étra would make their debut on the channel, adding even more characters for the twins to interact with. On May 18th, 2020, an individual channel for Yomemi would be made, though it has no uploads as of April 2021.

Yomemi Physical Description

Yomemi is a young girl with shoulder-length silver hair and amethyst eyes. Her main outfit consists of a black crop top that is covered with a white vest that exposes much of her stomach and upper abdomen. The vest has a pink bow that is tied on the collar and also includes a pair of long, white detached sleeves that cover her arms all the way up to the back of her hands. Yomemi also wears a short, black pleated skirt with magenta trim that rests fairly low on her waist, exposing some of her hip line. For shoes, Yomemi also has a pair of asymmetric black socks, a black band around one of her thighs, and a pair of tall black boots with purple bows on them. Like her predecessor, Yomemi also has a heart with “LOVE” written on it, though Yomemi’s is pink instead of red.

As a character based on Moemi, newcomers may have a hard time distinguishing the two based on their appearances alone. Some features that distinguish her from Yomemi include her longer hair, her blue-themed outfit, and her use of shorts rather than a skirt. Moemi’s updated design also has the heart in her hair written in cursive rather than block text.

Yomemi Personality

While most of the characters in Eilene’s Family -- notably Beno, Beilene, and Eilene herself -- are known for their crass, crude, and lewd humor, Yomemi and Moemi are the more pure characters of the group, with Yomemi likely being the most innocent. Yomemi has an almost child-like sense of excitement and enthusiasm to her, though as an A.I. girlfriend, she likes to collectively refer to her viewers as “darling”. Whenever she makes an appearance, Yomemi usually responds with a great deal of energy and enthusiasm, albeit with a sense of airheadedness and naiveté.

Associated Company

Yomemi is a VTuber that is managed by ICETEA, a company that manages VTubers and was created by Eilene after she left ENTUM -- a VTuber agency in charge of popular VTubers like Mirai Akari and Nekomiya Hinata. Eilene herself is often considered to be one of the first VTubers ever created, as she began uploading videos back in 2014. After leaving ENTUM in 2018, Eilene would create several new VTubers, like Moemi, Natsumi Moe, and Yomemi herself. Along with her previously established characters, Moe, Moemi, and Yomemi would come to be called the Eilene Family, though other groups affiliated with ICETEA like H.LIVE and the Eilene Academy would make their debuts in the following years.

Notable Releases

Although Yomemi shares her YouTube channel with both Eilene and Moemi, some of Yomemi’s most notable appearances include her gameplay highlights and the animations she appears in.

Gameplay Highlights

Much like Moemi, Yomemi also enjoys playing a variety of different games and will occasionally upload videos of various highlights of her playing a given video game. Yomemi likes many different genres, but seems to be particularly skilled when it comes to games with shooting elements like Fortnite, Grand Theft Auto V, and Overwatch.


Moemi and Yomemi’s channel also contains a variety of different animations that are done in both 3D and 2D. Most of the time, these animations are comedic in tone and often involve several long-running jokes and gags like Eilene and her family’s constant money troubles, lewd tendencies, or general misfortune. While these animations are often limited to members of Eilene’s Family (particularly Yomemi, Moemi, Eilene, and Étra), other VTubers like Domyoji Cocoa and Mokota Mememe have also made appearances as well.


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