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Dola earned her reputation within Nijisanji through her behind-the-scenes work. Her work on the agency's Minecraft server allowed for some of the company's strongest collaborations to form. Since mid-2020, Dola shifted her focus from administrative work to performing. Now she uses her organizational skills to connect with her fans and tailor content to her viewers' interests.

Dola Background

Dola is a female Japanese VTuber affiliated with Nijisanji. She originally debuted in the Nijisanji SEEDs first generation cohort. According to her official profile, Dola is a fire drake from another dimension. One day, she discovered the internet through a smartphone buried in her treasure hoard. Although her schedule is irregular, Dola plans her streams with a Google Sheet document, viewable to her fans.

Dola History

Dola made her first tweet on June 3, 2018, and debuted on YouTube four days later. In November 2018, she received her first alternative outfit design, revealing she can remove her horns. She celebrated 50,000 YouTube subscribers with a live stream event on February 15, 2019. Dola received a first-anniversary commemorative outfit. However, she unveiled the design on June 9, 2019, the anniversary of her first live stream, rather than her debut date. On June 18, 2019, she held a gaming stream to reach 100,000 subscribers while playing Tetris. On December 13, 2019, Dola debuted her 3D model design during a YouTube live stream. In February 2020, Dola participated in the Namba event in the Nijisanji Shout in the Rainbow! live tour. As the year progressed, Dola stepped down from her administrative responsibilities in Nijisanji to focus solely on creating. As of April 2021, Dola has over 260,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Dola Physical Description

Dola is a tall fire drake with a mostly human appearance. She has long, wild red hair with a set of red and black ombre horns flanking her head. In her standard appearance, Dola is functionally naked with her black and orange scales covering her arms, left leg, and sensitive areas. She has a large, scaly dragon tail with a black, orange, and yellow color gradient resembling burning metal. In her alternate designs, Dola reveals that she can obscure her horns and scales to resemble a fully human woman. Most of the designs incorporate a black and red color scheme and show off her curvy body. While she can hide her horns, her tail is always visible in full-body views of her model.

Dola Personality

Dola has a mature, kind personality that pairs well with her soothing voice. During her streams, she is laid back and occasionally silly, especially during collaborations. However, she is also very reliable and proactive. Her most famous contribution to Nijisanji is her creation of the agency Minecraft server. She's a huge Disney fan and occasionally covers Disney songs during streams. Due to their parental roles in Dokuzuhonsha, some fans speculate that Dola is in a relationship with fellow VTuber Yashiro Kizuku.

Notable Games and Series

Early in her career, Dola dedicated most of her time to managing the Nijisanji Minecraft server. She branched out from Minecraft in short-lived gaming series and multiplayer collaborations with other VTubers. An expert organizer, Dola offers fans the chance to see her streaming schedule and request content via links on Twitter.

Minecraft Maintenance

Dola created the Nijisanji Minecraft server in November 2018. As a result, Minecraft became one of the most popular games among the Nijisanji community. Dola maintained the server and mostly worked behind-the-scenes fixing bugs and other problems. Occasionally, she would show up during other members' streams to help them through any gameplay struggles. In her many Minecraft streams, Dola often explained her work on the server and showed viewers other VTubers’ progress. As the number of Nijisanji members doubled over the course of 2019, Dola dedicated more time to managing the server. Ultimately, Ichikara Inc. took over the management of the server in March 2020 with a team of dedicated Minecraft experts. Dola still streams Minecraft on her channel, now without the pressure of managing the server.

Notable Partnerships/Collaborations

As one of Nijisanji's oldest members, Dola appears in several groups and large-scale events. She streams content of her two main subgroups, archived in playlists on her channel.


Crescendo is a Nijisanji group composed of Dola, Sister Claire, and Ryushen. The group officially formed on September 23, 2018, during a livestream on Sister Claire's channel. All three members have reputations as soothing, competent VTubers. Together, they host chat streams, casual parties, and perform song covers. In October 2020, Crescendo had their first VR live followed by a second performance that November.


Dokuzuhonsha is a group of Nijisanji members including Dola, Kuzuha, Honma Himawari, and Yashiro Kizuku. After playing Left 4 Dead 2 together, the group started roleplaying as a family. Dola and Yashiro serve as the mother and father, respectively, with their son, Kuzuha, and daughter, Himawari. In March 2020, the group made a cameo appearance in the free-to-play RPG Dawn of the Breakers.

Other Activities

Given her love of Disney, Dola occasionally covers her favorite Disney songs. After hearing her powerful singing voice, Dola's fans started requesting more singing videos. She responded by creating a song request submission form available on her Twitter. ASMR


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