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Lize Helesta's composed nature, quick wit, and light, regular schedule make her a popular VTuber for new fans. At the same time, her many relationships with other Nijisanji members provide her channel with a wide variety of collaboration content. As a result, Lize established herself as a gateway to and cornerstone of the Nijisanji community.

Lize Helesta Background

Lize Helesta is a female Japanese VTuber affiliated with Nijisanji. She debuted in 2019 as part of the Sanbaka trio with Ange Katrina and Inui Toko. In her official backstory, Lize is described as the second princess of the Helesta Kingdom. Notably, her casual content and regularly scheduled short streams make her an easy VTuber to follow.

Lize Helesta History

Lize debuted on YouTube on March 23, 2019. She reached her first subscriber milestone of 100,000 on August 27 that year. In October, she received her updated 2D model along with the rest of her debut cohort. On January 22, Lize revealed her 3D model during a live stream. She was scheduled to appear in a live event with fellow Sanbaka members in Nijisanji's Japan Shout in the Rainbow! Tour. However, the event was canceled in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Lize reached 300,000 subscribers in May 2020 during a Ring Fit Adventure live stream. On her birthday later that month, she performed an original image song, "Happy End wo Hajime Kara." As of April 2021, Lize has over 500,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 400,000 followers on Twitter.

Lize Helesta Physical Description

Lize is a short teenage girl with long white and blue ombre hair. She wears her hair down with blunt bangs and two short locks feathered away from her face to resemble bird wings. Her main outfit consists of a military uniform-inspired white dress accented with royal blue. On her left arm, she wears a loose armband with her kingdom's emblem: a pair of white wings over a maroon diamond. She accessorizes with a blue barrette in her hair and two black garters holding up her blue thigh-high socks. The small, yellow chick accompanying her is her butler, Sebastian Piyodore. The chick, nicknamed Sebas, always wears a monocle and received a small blue inner tube in Lize's summer-inspired outfit.

Lize Helesta Personality

As a princess, Lize is proper, articulate, and intelligent, particularly in the military and literary arts. She often surprises viewers with her vast knowledge of complex legal matters. Despite her serious, poised nature, Lize performs laidback streams and playfully quips back and forth with her viewers. She also possesses a deeply emotional nature and is easily moved to tears. She treasures her relationships with others, particularly with the rest of Sanbaka. Ange Katrina describes Lize as reliable and trustworthy while Inui Toko stresses her earnest, kind qualities. Notably, she struggles with crowds and large groups but still finds a way to participate and stand out in large collaborations.

Associated Company

Lize creates under the management of Nijisanji. Nijisanji represents mostly Japanese, 2D VTubers under their company mission to issue in the next generation of entertainment. As of April 2021, Nijisanji contains 103 active Japanese language VTubers.

Evergreen Nerd

Evergreen Nerd, EgN, was a rock band composed of Nijisanji members. Lize served as the band's guitarist. Other members included Uzuki Kou on vocals, Sasaki Saku on bass, Yashiro Kizuku on drums, and Makaino Ririmu on rhythm guitar. The group formed as a short-lived gimmick for Nijisanji's 2019 Christmas celebration. Despite its short lifespan, the group remains a fan favorite collaboration of the early Nijisanji stars.

Notable Releases/Videos

Lize creates a well-rounded variety of streams covering the basics of VTuber content. She plays casual games, mostly from Nintendo, and RPGs. She also participates in many collaborations both on her channel and through guest appearances.

Nintendo Games

Lize often plays popular games from the well-known developer, Nintendo. Two of her first gaming streams featured Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Detective Pikachu. Over time, Lize streamed herself playing the new entries in the Animal Crossing and Pokemon franchises for the Nintendo Switch. As an avid Nintendo fan, Lize also streams her reactions to Nintendo Direct events and plans future gaming streams based on official announcements. For example, after the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remake announcement in 2021, Lize began replaying Pokemon Platinum. She also plays multiplayer Nintendo games, such as Mario Kart, with fellow Nijisanji members. Her Nintendo gaming streams tend to last around an hour but can be as long as three hours.

Collaboration Series

Lize frequently hosts other guests on her channel in short and long-form collaboration series. Her first high-profile collaboration event was "LizeAn" week with fellow Sanbaka member Ange Katrina. Together, Lize and Ange played casual games, sang karaoke, and answered viewer’s questions live. Similar Q&A group events involving all three members of Sanbaka occur around their anniversary. Lize also has a longstanding partnership with former Nijisanji GAMERS member Sasaki Saku, nicknamed "HiyokoPantsu." Together, they compete in Pokemon or collaborate on Minecraft builds. Sasaki also appears in most of Lize's larger group collaborations, such as Mario Kart parties.

Other Activities

In addition to her solo birthday song, Lize performs covers and original songs with Sanbaka. She also posts song covers in a trio with Higuchi Kaede and Rindou Mikoto called "i's," a spoof on the Love Live! group "μ's."


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