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Ironmouse is a popular English language VTuber with a long history in the streaming community. Prior to becoming a VTuber, Ironmouse streamed on Twitch with an anime avatar and made a name for herself with her unique vocal talents. Fans love her wild antics, genuine kindness, and affinity for dirty jokes. In late 2020, she gained agency representation and revamped her approach to Twitch and YouTube.

Ironmouse Background

Ironmouse is a Puerto Rican VTuber currently represented by VShojo. Originally an independent creator, Ironmouse is known for her high-pitched voice, chaotic energy, and song covers.

Ironmouse History

Ironmouse started her activity in late September 2017. She posted on smaller content platforms and eventually switched to Twitch as her primary site in 2019. Prior to 2020, Ironmouse was a small creator speaking with an avatar and not yet a modeled VTuber. In February 2020, Ironmouse launched her current YouTube channel with an anime-style avatar. From May until July, Ironmouse increased her online activity and became a partner on both Twitch and YouTube. She joined the US-based VTuber talent agency VShojo that November. Her 2D model design debuted in January 2021 and later received a 3D model in March. As of April 2021, Ironmouse has over 350,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 550,000 followers on Twitch.

Ironmouse Physical Description

Ironmouse is a short, female VTuber with a pink and purple color scheme. She has fluffy, long pink hair with purple streaks throughout. She wears her hair half-down, half-up, with two pigtails nestled behind her demon horns and blunt bangs. Notably, she has a curled, heart-shaped ahoge sprouting from the top of her head. Two black, heart-shaped clips hold back the shorter locks of hair framing her face. Around her neck, she wears a pink bow adorned with a silver bell.

In her 2D model, Ironmouse wears a pink off-the-shoulder top over a purple tank top. She also wears a pleated black mini-skirt with a black heart motif on the waistband, matching her hair clips. Her socks are mismatched, with one thigh-high pink sock and one knee-high pink sock. Her 3D model expands on her design, adding more costume embellishments. Her shirt is a pastel pink with voluminous sleeves almost completely covering her hands. The black skirt also sits higher on her waist, with belted suspenders and an uneven pleated hem lined with alternating pink and purple trim. Her mismatched socks are now pink and purple tucked into thick black boots. Punk rock-inspired accessories, such as chains and belt accents, finish the outfit.

Ironmouse Personality

Ironmouse is known for her wild, uncensored personality. Her high energy and lack of filter often lead to her confusing collaboration partners or taking down past streams due to TOS violations. While confident and talkative on her solo streams, Ironmouse becomes shy and withdrawn when streaming with others. However, over time she grows more comfortable and lets her true personality come out. She also displays a high level of empathy, growing attached to characters in video games and developing quick friendships. In games that involve killing other characters, Ironmouse rationalizes her actions by saying she kills out of love. This has led to fans giving her the nickname "Yandere Mouse." Ironmouse is also easily startled and scared, but she loves the rush of fear.

Associated Company

Ironmouse debuted as a VTuber as part of the first generation of creators from the US-based agency VShojo. Founders Justin Ignacio and Phillip Fortunat started the company as fans of VTubers looking to expand opportunities and boundaries for VTuber content. Members of the agency have a large degree of freedom regarding their content and how frequently they create. Some other notable creators from the company include Nyatasha Nyanners and Projekt Melody.

Notable Releases/Videos

Ironmouse creates a wide variety of videos and streams ranging from chat sessions, video games, song covers, and anime. She posts shorter, edited content on YouTube, usually ranging from 10 to 15 minutes in length. Her primary platform, Twitch, features more

Song Covers

Ironmouse is well-known for her multilingual song covers performed with her unique, high-pitched voice. Prior to streaming, Ironmouse attended a performing arts high school to perfect her singing technique. However, her chronic illness prevented her from continuing her traditional entertainment career, leading her to streaming. As a result, Ironmouse has a wide range of vocal talents, including rap and J-pop style singing. Most of her covers occur during chat streams on request. Notable performances include "And I Am Telling You" from Dreamgirls and "Chandelier" by Sia. Fellow VShojo VTuber Projekt Melody is a huge fan of Ironmouse's singing and promotes her on her uploads.

Visual Novel Streams

In her gaming streams, Ironmouse sometimes plays Japanese visual novels on Twitch. Most of these games feature adult content, leading to age restrictions for viewers. One of her first notable streams was the spoof dating sim I Love You, Colonel Sanders! in 2019. As of April 2021, the original stream has been removed, but a highlight clip remains on her Twitch Channel. Other played titles include Nekopara and Love Cube. When playing these raunchy visual novels, Ironmouse often plays with a group of friends to make dirty jokes as they play.

Other Activities

Ironmouse appears in other works often using her vocal talents and acting abilities.

Podcast and Stream Appearances

Ironmouse has appeared in multiple podcasts as a guest and occasional voice actor. She performed lines as Truck-chan from "The Time I Got Isekai'd To Another World With My Truck!!!" on the Rant Cafe Anime Podcast. She also participated in a Dungeons and Dragons campaign hosted by professional dungeon master Arcadum as a bard named Umi.


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