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Ange Katrina is a popular Nijisanji VTuber known for her unusually deep voice. While some viewers question her identity, her fans appreciate her cuteness and appreciate her gap appeal. She's also central in many VTuber relationships in the Nijisanji community.

Ange Katrina Background

Ange Katrina is a female Japanese VTuber represented by Nijisanji. According to her official profile, she is an alchemist from the kingdom of Helesta. She has a unique deep voice and cute, tomboyish design that makes her popular with fans.

Ange Katrina History

Ange debuted on YouTube on March 23, 2019. She received three model and design updates in 2019. First, she received a summer outfit design in early September. Next, she and the other members of "Sanbaka" all received model updates on October 18. Lastly, she debuted a new dress design in December to commemorate reaching 50,000 subscribers. In February 2020, Ange revealed her 3D model in a YouTube live stream. Originally, Ange along with other members of Nijisanji was scheduled for a live appearance on March 5 as part of a national agency tour. The appearance was canceled last minute as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. In October 2020, Ange's YouTube channel was temporarily suspended for five hours in a false ban. As of April 2021, Ange has over 460,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Ange Katrina Physical Description

Ange is a tomboyish young woman with bright red hair and blue eyes. She wears her hair in a shaggy pixie cut with long forelocks and messy bangs. In her default appearance, she clips back part of her bangs with a small, gold barrette. She has a thin, athletic build that she wishes were more "womanly." Previously, Ange drank a botched alchemical elixir intending to increase her bust size, and ended up growing 13cm taller instead.

In her debut and main outfit, she wears a sleeveless white mini dress with a high neckline. Around her neck, she wears a pendant featuring her kingdom's crest. Over the dress, Ange wears a scholarly red sweater and an oversized, heavy black jacket with an off-white collar and cuffs. The jacket hangs off her shoulders, buckled across the chest, and reaches down to her knees. On the back, there is an intricate original alchemical symbol engraved in gold.

Ange Katrina Personality

Ange's deep voice gives her a cool-girl vibe that she tries to play into when possible. However, she is actually quite shy and easily flustered, as seen when she meets new people. When she grows more comfortable, she can be very talkative and flirty as a joke. Her talkative nature comes through in her free chat streams, which she can successfully run for over six hours without long silences.

Notable Games and Series

Ange participates in most of the large Nijisanji game collaborations, such as APEX Legends and Fall Guys. She found a new set of skills on the agency's Minecraft server, surprising viewers and her group members. She also frequently plays horror games in both long series and one-time streams.

Horror Games

Ange's first video game stream featured the 2013 survival horror video game OUTLAST. She played the game over the course of four streams, setting a new trend for her channel. Next, Ange played the 2017 horror game Home Sweet Home. The supernatural elements of the game scared Ange considerably more than the previous game. However, she continued playing the game over five streams. While playing horror games, Ange talks through her reasoning when navigating and makes jokes to keep the mood as light as possible. In addition to long plays, Ange plays a wide variety of horror titles in one-time streams. These include shorter releases like the Lurk in the Dark prologue and collaborations, such as her "date" playing Blair Witch Project with Belmond Banderas.

Nijisanji Minecraft Server

Prior to Nijisanji, Ange had very little knowledge about Minecraft. In her first Minecraft stream, her fellow Sanbaka members introduced her to the gameplay and commands. Over time, Ange revealed a natural talent for architecture. In constructing the group's "Sanbaka Castle," Ange contributed secret rooms with elaborate interior designs. Her creations impressed fellow Nijisanji members visiting the castle who refused to believe she was new to the game. Ange doesn't believe the praise she receives but thinks her skills may come from her attention to detail.

Notable Partnerships/Collaborations

Ange is a member of multiple groups within the larger Nijisanji agency. Her two most notable memberships include her debut group and adult-themed chat group.


Sanbaka is the name given to Ange and the two VTubers she debuted with, Lize Helesta and Inui Toko. While their name sounds like the Japanese term for "three stooges," it's an abbreviation of "Sanba Carnival." The three often receive updates together and appear in each other's streams. In addition to sharing a Minecraft castle, the three have expressed interest in singing together. They performed a joke song during their first-anniversary stream and recorded "Sanbai! Sunshine! Carnival!" for the Nijisanji album Smash the Paint!!

SKB Club

The SKB Club is a four-member group within Nijisanji that discusses adult topics. Members include Ange, Suzuka Utako, Rindou Mikoto, and Gundo Mirei. Ange earned her place in this group due to knowledge gained through her older brother's interests in adult media. She expressed her own interest in NTR media, though she stressed her interest was solely fictional. Her tendency to get embarrassed when talking about adult topics earned her the nickname "virgin."

Other Activities

In March 2021, Ange performed a duet with Ryushen in a cover of the song "Romeo" from HoneyWorks. The accompanying video features illustrations of Ange and Ryushen in white, princely outfits. Within one month, the video surpassed 900,000 views.


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