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Ars Almal is a popular gaming VTuber from Nijisanji’s robust 2019 talent lineup. While her childlike appearance attracted many of her fans, Ars goes out of her way to remind viewers of her real age. She still maintains a cute appeal through her playfulness and introverted nature.

Ars Almal Background

Ars Almal is a female Japanese VTuber affiliated with Nijisanji. Her official profile describes her as a lightning wizard visiting from another dimension. She shares an illustrator with VTuber Kagura Mea.

Ars Almal History

Ars created her YouTube channel on June 27, 2019, and debuted almost a full month later on July 28. She reached her first subscriber milestone of 50,000 within one month of her debut. Her subscriber count doubled over the next two months, bringing her to 100,000 in October 2019. In April 2020, Ars received an updated 2D model along with Nijisanji members Ex Albio and Nui Sociere. On August 14, 2020, Ars debuted her 3D model during an hour-long YouTube live stream. As of April 2021, Ars has over 460,000 subscribers on YouTube and 250,000 followers on Twitter.

Ars Almal Physical Description

Ars looks much younger than her young adult age, leading some fans to think she is a child. She has shoulder-length white hair with bangs that fall into her cyan blue eyes. Her wide eyes and rounded face add to her youthful appearance. She wears a frilly black dress with a sleeveless white tunic on top. The tunic has a collar cinched with a cyan ascot that matches her eyes. Denoting her wizard status, Ars wears a black and gold hooded cape over the tunic and dress. On her arms, she wears sheer, flowy black sleeves that reach her elbows. In her official art, Ars carries a leather-bound spell book adorned with gold leaf symbols. When questioned about it, Ars claims this book is her "identity."

In a secondary design, Ars wears a school uniform in a joke referencing her young appearance. The uniform consists of a navy blazer, white button-down shirt, and pleated skirt. She wears her hair in low twin-tails tied with black and white ribbons.

Ars Almal Personality

After her debut, Ars was significantly withdrawn and shy. In her earliest collaboration videos, Ars rarely spoke and had difficulty joining group conversations. With more experience, Ars shows more self-confidence, especially when streaming with close friends. However, she still experiences anxiety toward upsetting other streamers and overcompensates as a result. When gaming, Ars lets her guard down and expresses herself more freely. She can be very competitive and pushed to yelling in frustration. Once she feels comfortable with someone, she forgets her own anxiety and can show anger towards others' mistakes.

Notable Games and Series

Ars' most notable gaming trait is her ability to learn and adapt quickly. As a result, she can start a wide variety of games and master them in a short amount of time. Her greatest gaming skills lie in Minecraft, through which she has earned the nickname "master."

Mastery in Minecraft

Ars' longest-running gaming series details her activities in Minecraft. She has two playlists dedicated to the game, each outlining a season of events. Each playlist contains over sixty archived streams for a total of over 540 hours of gameplay. Ars met her frequent collaboration partner Ex Albio on a Minecraft server. His ineptitude led to the duo developing a master and apprentice dynamic. While usually shy and reserved, Ars frequently expresses her frustration and anger towards Albio's careless mistakes.

Grand Theft Auto 5

In one of her more comical series, Ars plays Grand Theft Auto 5. During the stream, Ars leans into her frustrations with the controls and streaming lag. As a result, she starts to emulate Trevor Phillips, one of the game's player characters. She ad-libs tough-guy dialogue and angrily plows through the streets while barely completing the story missions. During the stream, Ars employs her "big face" technique of covering the explicit story elements with a full-frame portrait shot. Ars played GTA 5 for five streams and a total of twelve hours of comical gameplay.

Notable Partnerships/Collaborations

Ars' primary group association is with her debut cohort, nicknamed BlueS. However, her friendship with Ex Albio proved so popular with fans that they established an official collaboration agreement.


EbiMaru is the official nickname for Ars' collaboration videos with Ex Albio. The two continued their relationship from Minecraft into different games, such as Mario Kart and the Ark series. In early 2021, Albio and Ars participated in the Apex Legends 4th Crazy Raccoon Cup. They formed a team with Japanese Twitch Streamer SPYGEA. They named their team DKW and finished the tournament in eleventh place. The trio reunited one month after the tournament to play Golf It, alluding to a possible continuation of their collaboration.

Other Activities

In the tradition of Nijisanji members, Ars performed a song cover in celebration of her 3D model. She performed the song "Gregorio" by Japanese musician Furukawa Honpo. Due to prolonged preparations, Ars posted her cover video two months after receiving her 3D model.


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