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Omaru Polka is a Japanese VTuber from the 5th Generation of Hololive and has enamored many viewers in the VTuber community with her seemingly unlimited energy, impressive vocal acting range, and chaotic antics.

Omaru Polka Background

Omaru Polka is a fennec fox girl that dreams of becoming the ringleader with her own circus in the world of VTubers. While she plays games on her channel fairly often, she is more known for various other streams like her chats, karaoke, and other miscellaneous content.

Omaru Polka History

Omaru Polka was first introduced to the world on August 6th, 2020, where she appeared in a video introducing all of the members of the 5th Generation. Later that day, she made her first tweet, which was later followed up by her official YouTube debut on August 16th, making her the last of her generation to debut. This debut also included a short version of Polka’s first original song, “HOLOGRAM CIRCUS”. At the end of the year, the full version of “HOLOGRAM CIRCUS” was released and Hololive teased that Polka would be getting a New Year’s outfit at the beginning of 2021. On January 10th, she would reveal a 3D model of her character. As of April 2021, Polka’s YouTube channel is nearing 650,000 subscribers and is expected to reach this number in the near future.

Omaru Polka Physical Description

Polka is a fennec fox girl with light blond shoulder-length hair and purple eyes. Her original outfit is inspired by a carnival’s ringleader outfit and consists of a red, white, blue, and gold dress with a multilayered skirt and a pair of thigh-high socks. Several aspects of her character are also themed around the suits found in a traditional deck of cards, so shapes like diamonds, hearts, spades, and clubs can be seen decorating Polka’s dress, face, and hair. For example, her hair has a pair of hair clips with red and black suits on both sides of her head and the pupils of Polka’s eyes can change depending on her current emotion. Since she is a fennec fox, Polka also has a pair of tall, fluffy ears and a big fluffy tail that match the color of her hair. One of her ears is also hidden under a jester’s hat, which Polka wears on the side of her head.

Her New Year’s outfit is an intricate combination of many styles, accessories, and colors, resulting in an outfit that is as nearly chaotic as Polka can be herself. The core of the outfit is a red, white, and pink dress that is decorated with red and blue ribbons, various colors of white polka-dotted bows, a fennec fox-shaped bell, and, of course, several card-themed knick-knacks. Her hair is also colored with red, pink, blue, and black highlights, and has her bangs tied up above her forehead. Over half a dozen different bows and other ornaments are also in her hair, adding to the already impressive assortment of bows on the dress itself. Although her main outfit has the four card suits painted below both of her eyes, this is replaced with a blue star sticker instead.

Omaru Polka Personality

Whether she is playing games or simply chatting with her viewers, Polka is always characterized by her consistently high energy, mood swings, and spontaneous habits -- all things that play very well into her desire to be a circus ringleader. During her debut stream, she demonstrates that she has a variety of instruments at her side that she can use at any time. Such instruments include a kazoo, bells, and more. When playing open-ended games like ARK: Survival Evolved and Minecraft, Polka tries to plan out building projects but often gets distracted several times along the way. Although she originally tried to keep a streaming schedule at first, she has since given up on the idea, opting to rather keep things spontaneous by simply announcing her streams shortly before she goes live. Polka also has a decent amount of knowledge of otaku culture from the 90s and 2000s, causing fans to compare to Houshou Marin (Marine) in that she is older than she makes herself out to be.

Associated Company

Hololive Production is a VTuber agency that manages a variety of different VTubers from around the world. Its Japan branch is by far its largest, though it also has English and Indonesian speaking branches as well. Most members of Hololive simply stream various types of content on their own time, the agency also organizes large-scale events for its members like live concerts and collaborations with other companies. Polka is also a member of Hololive’s 5th Generation, which also includes Shishiro Botan, Momosuzu Nene, Yukihana Lamy, and Mano Aloe (now retired).

Notable Releases

While Polka streams games on her channel fairly frequently, some of her most popular videos include her karaoke streams and her short meme videos.

Karaoke Streams

Although she is a fairly new member of Hololive, Polka’s karaoke streams are generally considered to be fairly long compared to others and generally last around three hours each. These streams often include popular anime and Vocaloid songs, though she also hosts some unique karaoke streams as well. One such example is her karaoke stream where she sang nothing but “Blue Clapper”, an original song that was written for the members of the 5th Generation. The resulting stream lasted over two hours and had her singing the song thirty times.

Meme Videos

In addition to her karaoke streams, Polka also uploads many different meme videos to her channel as well. Many of these videos are very short -- usually under a minute in length -- and are just as accessible to Japanese viewers as English viewers. Some even have green screen backgrounds, which in turn allows fans to use these videos to create their own memes.


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