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Natsuiro Matsuri is a VTuber that belongs to Hololive’s 1st Generation. She first debuted in June 2018 and has since charmed well over 900,000 people with her positive, outgoing personality and playful nature.

Natsuiro Matsuri Background

Natsuiro Matsuri is a Japanese high school cheerleader that is known for playing shooting games like APEX Legends and Valorant. Among other members of Hololive and fans of the community, Matsuri is also notorious for being very touchy in-person and her fondness for younger characters.

Natsuiro Matsuri History

Matsuri made her first debut on YouTube on June 1st, 2018 as a young high school-aged girl who is a festival-loving member of her school’s cheerleading team. As time continued to pass, she would go on to regularly stream games and other content on her channel. About five months after her original debut, she would receive her first additional outfit for her Live2D model. A 3D model of her character was also debuted on April 14th, 2019. She later gained a New Year-themed outfit at the beginning of 2020 and a second alternate outfit in October 2020. Like with many members of Hololive 1st Generation, Matsuri also received an updated “2.0” version of her avatar in July 2020, which improved her animation and range of movement.

Natsuiro Matsuri Physical Description

Although she is always depicted as a young girl with teal eyes and shoulder-length brown hair, some characteristics of her design change depending on which outfit she is wearing. Her main outfit includes an orange and white pleated skirt and a black shirt covered by an orange short-sleeve jacket that leaves her shoulders and stomach exposed. She also wears a pair of black stockings and white boots tied with green shoelaces. Matsuri’s hair also has a prominent ahoge (cowlick) and is worn in a side ponytail that is tied with a green and black bow with a cat charm attached to it.

Her New Year’s outfit is inspired by a traditional Japanese shrine maiden outfit and is somewhat reminiscent of Sakura Miko’s outfit. Although the uniform is mainly red, it is still accented with her characteristic orange color along the edges of her sleeves and in the striped ribbon around her skirt. Like her main outfit, this New Year’s outfit also has her midriff exposed. Other alternate outfits also include a pair of pajamas and a more modest Western-style dress.

Natsuiro Matsuri Personality

Generally speaking, Natsuiro Matsuri is an incredibly energetic and social girl that befriends many people both inside and outside of Hololive. Her excitable and mischievous nature often leads to chaotic, yet nonetheless entertaining shenanigans and situations among viewers and other VTubers alike. That said, despite her rambunctious tendencies, Matsuri also shows a much more sensitive and caring side, particularly in her audio-only streams on Twitcast.

Many members of Hololive also respect Matsuri and find her to be quite reliable. Since she has shown great skill in games like APEX Legends, members like Kiryu Coco and Uruha Rushia have asked Matsuri to teach them how to play the game, as they were beginners at the time. Matsuri is also close friends with Shirakami Fubuki and Himemori Luna, which has led to many different collaborative streams with them playing games together.

Associated Company

Natsuiro Matsuri is one of the ever-growing VTubers that is owned by Cover Corporation, the company behind Hololive Productions. Although the company originally focused on creating AR and VR technology and software, it eventually shifted its focus to creating “virtual idols” that were inspired by characters like Kizuna Ai and Hatsune Miku. Matsuri herself is a part of the 1st Generation of members, which also includes Akai Haato, Yozora Mel, Shirakami Fubuki (now a member of Hololive GAMERS), and Aki Rosenthal.

Notable Series

Although Matsuri plays a variety of different games, her most popular streams are of APEX Legends. Aside from this, however, she also plays other online games with other VTubers as well.

APEX Legends

Like many other VTubers that specialize in FPS games, Matsuri often plays *APEX Legends*’ ranked mode to grind up her rank. That said, she also often hosts APEX streams that also have a unique twist to them as well. Such twists include personal challenges involving reaching a certain amount of damage given and streams that consist of nothing but pulling gacha for the game. Gacha APEX streams are also often accompanied by Shirakami Fubuki, another gacha enthusiast from Hololive.

Online Game Collaborations

Perhaps due to her rather social personality, Matsuri also streams many different games with other VTubers both inside and outside of Hololive as well. Such examples include Among Us, Project Winter, Mario Kart 8, and 51 Clubhouse Games.

Other Activities

Aside from streaming games, Matsuri is also known for her clear, bright singing voice. She regularly hosts karaoke streams and has uploaded a variety of different covers of songs on her channel. She has also appeared in several Hololive original songs like “Shijoshugi Adtruck”, “Daily Diary”, and “Yumemiru Sora He”. Matsuri has also released her own original single titled “Kimi to Nagameru Natsu no Hana” on June 20th, 2020.


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