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Azuma Lim quickly carved out a niche of fans shortly after her debut in early 2018. As part of the first VTuber boom, Azuma stood out due to her high-quality model and charming "kouhai" personality. However, health concerns and conflicts with her agency disrupted her rise to fame. After a long hiatus, Azuma returned to the virtual world with new content as a fully independent producer.

Azuma Lim Background

Azuma Lim is a Japanese VTuber. Upon her debut, Azuma received positive feedback for her high-quality streams and 3D modeling. However, she soon entered into multiple disputes with her agency that led to irregular uploads and prolonged hiatuses. As of 2021, Azuma posts independently with noticeable cuts from her production budget.

Azuma Lim History

Azuma first appeared on Twitter in October 2017. She created her YouTube channel in late February 2018 and posted her introduction video on March 1. In November 2018, Azuma tweeted to her fans about her first disagreement with CyberV. The agency wanted to make changes to Azuma's personality, which she refused. After her tweets, Azuma posted an apology video to her fans about any concern she may have caused. However, disputes with her agency continued behind the scenes.

In late December 2019, after months of irregular activity due to a broken leg, Azuma stated she had not received payment from CyberV since May. CyberV publicly responded, claiming they had paid Azuma in accordance with her contract. They also stated she was in the process of changing agencies and negotiations were in effect. After these claims, Azuma entered an impromptu seven-month hiatus. She returned in July 2020, announcing her acquisition of the Azuma Lim brand and status as an independent creator.

Azuma Lim Physical Description

Azuma looks like a typical anime design high school student. Her long hair is white with a light purple tint, cut with bangs and forelocks. She has bright, reddish-brown eyes that depict her youthful energy. Her outfit follows a black and white color scheme and incorporates elements of a school uniform with her otaku interests. Most notably, she wears an oversized black and white hoodie with cat ears adorning the hood. One cat ear features a small hoop earring. She wears the hood up, letting long locks of her hair spill out. The hoodie sleeves almost cover her hands and the hem reaches down to the bottom of her black mini skirt. She also wears black thigh-high socks and scrunched-down white leg warmers. In her second 3D model, Azuma received shoes since she was previously barefoot.

Azuma Lim Personality

As a perpetual high school student, Azuma acts as the kouhai, or junior, to all of her viewers. She is an active and excitable girl and often jumps around and rolls on the floor during her videos. However, she lacks stamina and quickly runs out of breath and wears herself out. Azuma frequently drinks water during her videos and streams, which her fans tease her for in fan art. Her favorite foods are fish paste and the beef bowl from the fast-food restaurant Matsuya. She has some otaku tendencies, such as playing video games and watching anime. Her favorite anime is idol shows and kids series. Her weaknesses are bugs, horror in any form, and English.

Associated Company

Azuma initially debuted under the company Cyber V, a virtual production subsidiary of CyberZ Inc. In July 2020, Cyber V shutdown and closed all operations. Before their dissolution, Azuma experienced difficulties communicating with the agency and receiving payment, leading her to a hiatus. As of late summer 2020, Azuma resumed her production schedule as an independent creator.

Notable Releases/Videos

As part of the first VTuber boom, Azuma's video catalog contains a wide variety of general vlogging style content. Her most popular videos showcase her singing, despite her shortness of breath and difficulty with English. Older videos also feature collaborations with popular VTubers from the early rise of the medium.

Singing Videos

Azuma's most popular video showcases her first original song and music video, "Everybody Senpai." She posted the music video on December 25th in Japan as a Christmas present to her viewers. The song itself is a serenade to her fans, whom she calls "senpai." The music video emulates the bright, poppy elements of the song with a candy-colored, comic book-inspired background animation. Other popular singing videos from Azuma include her attempts to cover popular songs and dances from other YouTubers. She also covered Ed Sheeran's "Shape of You" in an attempt to improve her English skills. Notably, the karaoke lyrics on the bottom of the screen include phonetic hiragana with jokes in the translation.


Through her time with CyberV, Azuma featured many other VTubers in milestone and popular posts on her YouTube channel. Her first notable collaboration was an interview with the icon Kizuna Ai. The two played an improv acting game popular on YouTube in 2018 that left Azuma out of breath at the end. Azuma also featured VTuber Tokino Sora in multiple videos. The two played horror video games and played out Tokino's idol dreams on stage. In a high-profile collaboration, Azuma hosted VTuber duo HIMEHINA on her channel after they released their first hit single.

Other Activities

Since returning as an independent creator, Azuma has widened her range of content. On YouTube, she streams more often than posting edited content. She also added ASMR to her catalog, performing whispering and typing style videos for her viewers.


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