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OtapediaSister Claire - VTuber

Sister Claire stands out from other Nijisanji members due to her gentle, soothing aura. Rather than producing exciting content to attract fans, she approaches streaming as a service for others. Her scheduled streams include uplifting messages, relaxing stress relievers, and a safe place for confession.

Sister Claire Background

Sister Claire is a female Japanese VTuber and a member of Nijisanji. Her official profile describes her as a nun who witnessed the struggles of sick and lonely people. She started a career as a VTuber to spread healing and goodwill around the world. She streams every day in the morning on Japan Standard Time and conducts regularly scheduled weekly streams.

Sister Claire History

Sister Claire made her YouTube debut on June 5, 2018, as part of the first wave of Nijisanji SEEDs. She reached 100,000 subscribers in March 2019 and celebrated with a live stream event. On July 25, 2019, Sister Claire debuted her 3D model design on YouTube. In October 2019, she released the music video for her most popular original song, "Dogma." She participated in the Nijisanji Japan Tour Shout in the Rainbow! show in Sapporo on February 9, 2020. That December, Sister Claire unveiled a new character outfit in casual clothing. In March 2021, she announced that she received her teaching license. However, she plans on continuing her VTuber career for the foreseeable future. As of April 2021, Sister Claire has over 350,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Sister Claire Physical Description

Sister Claire is a young woman with long ash-blond hair and light brown eyes. As a nun, she wears a habit covering her head and a long black tunic with a white cowl on top. Her alternate costumes are simple and modest. Her most frequent casual outfit includes a light pink sweater and tan plaid skirt, matching her image color. In a second design, she wears a cream-colored dress with a peter pan collar. She usually wears her hair down, but occasionally styles it in a high ponytail.

Sister Claire Personality

Sister Claire has a gentle, soothing personality. Her compassion for others inspired her to become a VTuber in an effort to heal the world. She is thoughtful and hardworking, reflected in her weekly streams planning the scripts for upcoming daily videos. Her wholesomeness does not keep her from having fun with the other members of Nijisanji. She participates in large Nijisanji gaming events, such as the yearly Mario Kart tournament. Sister Claire also has a sweet singing voice and performs covers with her friends. She is especially close with Ryushen due to their close debut dates.

Associated Company

Sister Claire debuted under Nijisanji during the agency's first year of operations. In 2018, Nijisanji expanded on the success of Tsukino Mito by starting several international and domestic projects.


SEEDs was one of Nijisanji's group projects in 2018. The name comes from the concept of plant seeds and cultivation. Each member of SEEDs had a unique approach to streaming and received funding and marketing support to popularize their channel. The SEEDs project ran simultaneously with Nijisanji Gamers as separate entities from each other and the main group of VTubers. Ultimately, Nijisanji dissolved their group separations and integrated SEEDs and Gamers members with the main group. However, the bonds between members originating in each group persist in recent collaborations.

Notable Releases/Videos

Sister Claire streams every day offering a variety of chat-based content. Most of her streams are short and wholesome, reflecting her mission to heal the world.

Morning Stream

Since her debut, Sister Claire has done a daily stream to start every morning. These streams are very short, lasting around two minutes each. The content varies from day to day but always begins with her wishing happy birthday to any viewers born on that date. Following the birthday wish, Sister Claire tries to share something with her viewers. This includes a story, an interesting fact, a sign language vocabulary word, or brief fortune-telling. As of April 2021, her morning stream series contains over 850 archived streams. Due to repeating dates from the previous year, Sister Claire makes an effort to avoid repeating herself and provide completely new content.

Healing Series

Sister Claire streams various series with content intended to provide comfort to her viewers. Every Thursday night starting at 9:00 pm, Sister Claire offers a counseling session via chat stream. During the chat, Sister Claire reads viewer comments in the chat and offers advice or serves as a sounding board for people to vent. Her weekly work planning videos take place in the evening and also serve as ASMR. She refrains from speaking for long stretches of time and just streams the sound of her typing. During these videos, she requests that the chat does not submit audible super chats since many viewers use the stream to fall asleep.

Other Activities

Sister Claire occasionally participates in voice acting outside of her VTuber responsibilities. In June 2020, she announced her casting in Bandai Namco's music multimedia franchise Den-On-Bu. She appears alongside fellow Nijisanji members Hoshikawa Sara and Sukoya Kana.


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