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Momosuzu Nene is a Japanese-speaking VTuber and member of Hololive and is a part of the agency’s 5th Generation along with Omaru Polka, Shishiro Botan, Yukihana Lamy, and Mano Aloe (now retired). Since her debut in August 2020, she has strived to achieve her dreams of becoming a true idol and has gained many fans with her exceptionally bubbly and playful personality.

Momosuzu Nene Background

Nene is a young girl from Planet Tao Tao that came to Earth in order to become an idol. While she does play games on her channel fairly often, many of her streams focus on helping her achieve this goal and includes content like karaoke streams and chatting streams.

Momosuzu Nene History

Momosuzu Nene was first shown off in a video created by Hololive that introduced all of the members in the 5th Generation on August 6th, 2020. She would later make her official YouTube debut on August 13th, making her the second in her generation to debut after Yukihana Lamy. Although the other members of the 5th Generation received both a New Year’s outfit and a 3D model around the beginning of 2021, Nene was the only one left out, as she would instead receive a new design for her main outfit instead on January 31st, 2021. Eventually, on April 18th, Nene revealed her 3D model.

Momosuzu Nene Physical Description

Although she claims to be from another planet, Momosuzu Nene appears as a young human girl with blond and peach-colored waist-length hair and emerald green eyes. Although it is now defunct and no longer used, her original outfit was a white, blue, yellow, and red Chinese-style dress that was decorated with a large bell on the chest. Her current outfit now resembles a more traditional idol outfit that is yellow, orange, pink, and brown that is fitted with peach blossoms in the skirt and in her hair. The updated outfit also includes a pair of white asymmetric socks, brown shoes, and a large multicolored bow that is tied around her neck. It also has a slight bear theme and includes a pair of bear paws and bear ears that Nene can add or remove when she likes. Both her new and old designs have part of her hair tied up into a pair of buns on the sides of her head.

Momosuzu Nene Personality

Nene is a VTuber that is well-known for her incredibly friendly and upbeat demeanor that enjoys talking with her viewers. That said, she can also be somewhat naive and overconfident when playing games on stream, which makes for some entertaining moments when paired with her clumsiness. When she becomes frustrated with a game, she can throw cute, childish tantrums, but never really expresses legitimate anger. When talking with other VTubers, Nene is quite flirtatious at times, particularly with Yukihana Lamy and Ninomae Ina'nis. This flirty side of Nene also sometimes carries over to her audience as well, as she has created a “collection” of husbands and wives that have asked to marry Nene through chat messages.

Nene is also exceptionally passionate about reaching her goal of becoming an idol and has put a lot of time and effort into her singing and dancing. Although she was able to show off her voice in multiple karaoke streams right after her debut, her redesign caused a significant delay to her 3D debut. In the karaoke stream where she announced the date of her 3D debut, Nene became quite emotional during her announcement and noted how excited she was to finally be able to show her loving fans the efforts she has put into her dancing skills.

Associated Company

Momosuzu Nene is a member of Hololive’s 5th Generation, one of the seven generations of VTubers managed by the Japanese branch of Hololive Production. This VTuber agency is owned by Cover Corporation and got its start in 2017 with the debut of Tokino Sora. Several years later, the agency now manages over 50 different VTubers from around the world and organizes events like live concerts and collaborations with companies like Bushiroad, Lawson, and many more. One particularly notable past event includes the live concert titled “Bloom” in February 2021, which included nothing but original songs produced by Hololive and sung by Hololive members.

Notable Releases

While Nene casually plays games like Minecraft, Cooking Simulator, and ARK: Survival Evolved, much of her channel is based on karaoke and chatting streams.

Karaoke Streams

In order to achieve her goal of becoming a singing and dancing idol, Nene hosts many karaoke streams on her channel as a way to practice her singing. Rather than simply singing a setlist of songs, Nene will actively practice various songs and will often stop midway through a song to do another take, resulting in karaoke streams that are a bit more unrefined but allows viewers to easily see her progress.

Chatting Streams

Aside from all of her various gaming streams, Nene’s chatting streams make up the majority of the content on her channel. One particularly notable aspect of Nene’s chatting streams is that she often does them during lunchtime and often has food or other snacks that she eats as she talks with her viewers. She also sometimes comes prepared with various topics or questions to discuss as well.


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