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Fuji Aoi made waves after her debut with her impressive vocals and covers of popular anime songs. Her high-profile crowdfunding campaign to update her design helped cultivate a loyal and invested fanbase she still enjoys today. As of April 2021, Fuji has over 300,000 subscribers on YouTube and two full-length albums released under Universal Music Japan.

Fuji Aoi Background

Fuji Aoi is a female Japanese VTuber and singer. She originally debuted under the agency Smarprise but now posts as an independent creator.

Fuji Aoi History

Fuji debuted on Facebook with a dedicated entertainment page on December 1, 2017. She posted her first video to YouTube a week later. In January 2018, Fuji launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for a cuter design model. The campaign closed after two months, raising over 200% of the original goal. Fuji debuted the new design in April 2018. In May 2018, Fuji signed with Universal Music Japan and released her first single under them in November. Fuji held her first solo live event in June 2019 in part of a birthday and Reiwa era celebration. During the performance, Fuji revealed a new design and official logo. That November, Fuji released her debut album, Organic Palette Syndrome. In July 2020, Fuji announced her departure from Smarprise and her plans to continue as an independent creator.

Fuji Aoi Physical Description

Fuji's first design resembled 90s era manga and anime with more realistic proportions and minimal shading. She wore her long black hair in a high ponytail with blunt bangs and a teal headband featuring her logo.

Her first redesign featured modern style updates, such as more rounded features, larger eyes, and more dynamic shading. Her hair changed from a stark black to a softer blue-black with a more detailed shine gradient. Fuji now appeared in more full body shots, revealing her first official outfit. She wore a school uniform-inspired outfit with a white, short-sleeve button-down shirt trimmed with dark blue on the collar and sleeves. Over her skirt, she wears a cerulean, short hakama-inspired skirt with a pink and purple floral pattern on the sides. She would occasionally wear her headband but usually wore a blue and white flower pin instead.

As of April 2021, Fuji's current design borrows from pop idol elements. She now primarily wears her hair down, with more purple and blue highlights within the black color. She wears a fitted navy and white top with a sweetheart neckline adorned with a tie-like accessory. Over the top, she wears a cropped white bolero shrug lined with blue, yellow, and cyan trim. She replaced her skirt with cyan short shorts. Her accessories incorporate a magenta, yellow, and cyan color scheme, as seen in her bracelets and thigh highs.

Fuji Aoi Personality

Fuji learned music from her mother, a piano instructor. She grew up associating music and singing with play. Bringing that attitude to her career, Fuji aims to create music as "the cheerleader of the heart." She also wants to give her listeners energy through music, matching her typically upbeat personality.

Associated Company

Fuji debuted under the management company Smarprise as part of their VTuber debut. Smarprise is the game and smart device subsidiary company under Trenders Co. Ltd., a PR and media corporation. Fuji left the company in 2020 to continue her career independently. As of April 2021, she still releases her music under the Universal Japan Music label.

Notable Releases/Videos

Fuji began posting similar variety content as other VTubers, including chat streams and Let's Plays. However, she saw her greatest success with her song covers and eventually original music. Her strident tone and mature voice give Fuji an impressive range and versatility in her song choices.


Cymbidium is the title track of Fuji's second full-length album, released on March 24, 2021. The music video reached 500,000 views within three weeks of its premiere, making it one of Fuji's most popular original releases. In the video, Fuji debuts a new design with an ornate lolita-style purple dress and visible makeup. Fuji sings in the empty streets of a seaside town and on the beach on the night of a full moon. The song itself is an emotional pop-rock ballad featuring lyrics written by Fuji. The dynamic melody shows off Fuji's impressive upper range and powerful breath control.

Koe Cover Channel

In April 2019, Fuji released a fan-requested compilation album of her most popular YouTube covers. Universal Music Japan distributed the album through iTunes, Apple Music, and LINE Music. Koe Cover Channel made history as the first album from a VTuber to top the iTunes charts the week of its release. Notable tracks include Fuji's first hit video cover of the Your Name theme "Nandemonai Ya" and the song "Freesia" by Uru. The album was initially planned as a limited release but is still available for purchase on Amazon Music Japan.

Other Activities

Like traditional idols, Fuji participates as a special guest for real-world events. In October 2018, she became the first VTuber to collaborate with Japan's Pacific League Baseball. Fuji served as a commentator during the 2018 Climax Series. In January 2020, Fuji joined a social media ad campaign for the sports drink Pocari Sweat. She appeared alongside other popular VTubers such as Mirai Akari and YuNi.


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