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The Omega Sisters refers to a pair of twin VTuber named Omega Rio and Omega Ray. Together, the pair often makes comedic skits and uploads highlight videos of various games that they play. This group was previously affiliated with Upd8 prior to the project’s dissolution in December 2020.

Omega Sisters Background

Rio and Ray are both Japanese-speaking girl VTubers that primarily make short comedic skits as a duo, though they also create gaming videos and song covers as well.

Omega Sisters History

Omega Rio and Omega Ray would make their official VTuber debut together on March 5th, 2018. Two months later, the Omega Sisters announced that they would be joining the Upd8 project and would receive support from the program without affecting their main activities. Rio and Ray would eventually release their first original song titled “Synchronity” on March 6th, 2019. This single was written and composed by members of BACK-ON, a Japanese rock band that has had their songs featured as the opening and ending themes for anime series like Eyeshield 21, Gundam Build Fighters, and Fairy Tail. In December 2020, they would leave Upd8 due to the project ceasing its activities, though they would continue their VTuber careers and are still active as of April 2021.

Omega Sisters Physical Descriptions

The Omega Sisters are two siblings that look very similar, save for a few specific features. They both wear matching uniforms that consist of a two-piece dress and ribbons that are tied in their hair. Omega Ray has shoulder-length blue hair, light blue eyes, and a red dress underneath her white uniform and has a single red ribbon hairband on top of her head. Likewise, Omega Rio has red hair that is tied into twin tails with a pair of blue ribbons and wears a blue dress. Rio also has eyes that are a light shade of brown rather than the light blue eyes of her sister. Aside from their differences in hair color, hairstyle, and outfit color, the Omega Sisters are largely identical in appearance. When it comes to their personalities, however, they are quite different.

Omega Sisters Personalities

Although they are twins, Omega Ray is often considered to be the “elder” of the group, as she generally has a more mature, straightforward, and level-headed personality. That said, she can be goofy like her sister and joke around at times as well. Ray is also known for having several otaku hobbies that she often drags Rio into. Some examples of her more otaku-like hobbies include playing the Yu-Gi-Oh trading card game, building gunpla, and tabletop games. Aside from her otaku hobbies, Ray also regularly creates drawings, 3D models, and projects using the Unity game engine.

On the other hand, Rio is the airheaded goofball of the two. She will not hesitate to crack a joke at any time and often gets lost in whatever conversation she is having with Ray, particularly when it comes to her otaku hobbies. That said, she is very easygoing and will tag along with her sister in whatever they do together, though she might complain about it. Together, the two act similarly to a Japanese comedy duo, with Ray acting as the straight-man and Rio acting as the funny-man.

Associated Company

The Omega Sisters were once affiliated with Upd8 before its dissolution on December 31st, 2020. This company was owned by Activ8, the company responsible for the creation of Kizuna Ai. Upd8 was a project that was created with the goal of giving new, up-and-coming VTubers the resources they need to thrive in exchange for a small portion of their earnings. Some examples of the resources Upd8 offered was marketing, legal support, promotions, and sponsorships. When the project was still active, it had several popular VTubers that it supported, including Tomari Mari, Shibuya Hal, Kimino Miya, and many more. In November 2020, Upd8 officially announced that it would be ceasing its support at the end of the year. Despite the end of Upd8’s support, some VTubers continued their activities, with the Omega Sisters being one example.

Notable Releases

Since their debut in 2018, the Omega Sisters have released a wide range of content, though most of their content is based on comedic skits, gags, and other such content. Aside from their comedy videos, however, they also upload cover songs and gameplay highlight videos of various different games that the two play.

Comedy Videos

This type of content consists of a variety of different videos and ranges from pranks that the sisters play on each other, humorous Q&As with questions that are asked by their viewers and videos about recent events. Their recent events videos often include content regarding the sisters themselves, their YouTube channel, or other recent happenings. These videos also help highlight the Omega Sister’s individual personalities quite well.

Gameplay Highlights

Unlike most other VTubers, the Omega Sisters do not live stream very often. Instead, they prefer uploading edited highlight compilations of the various games that they play. These games can range from things like Cuphead, P.T., and Fall Guys. They have also played several VR games as well, with their videos on Half-Life: Alyx and Beat Saber being some of their more popular videos.

Song Covers

The Omega Sister’s cover song uploads make up some of their most popular videos on their entire channel. Many of their most-viewed covers are of songs used in highly renowned anime themes like “Sugar Song to Bitter Step” from Kekkai Sensen (Blood Blockade Battlefront), “Connect” from Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and “Sora-Iro Days” from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.


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