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Inugami Korone is a Japanese VTuber that is a member of Hololive GAMERS and, through her adorable mannerisms, interesting game choices, and attempts to reach out to an international audience, is often credited as one of the members that helped bridge the gap between Hololive’s Japanese speaking VTubers and an English speaking audience.

Inugami Korone Background

Korone is a dog girl VTuber that is widely known for her unwillingness to stop playing games that, when paired with her incredible stamina, often leads to very long streams.

Inugami Korone History

Inugami Korone made her VTuber debut on YouTube on April 13th, 2019. Although it is far from traditional, Korone’s debut stream was plagued with various technical difficulties, causing other members of Hololive GAMERS to join her stream and eventually resulting in the group playing Splatoon 2 together. On August 19th, 2019, she would hold her first endurance stream. This nearly 11-hour stream was of a game named 60 Seconds!, a game where the player has sixty seconds to gather materials in their home to survive an imminent nuclear apocalypse. On September 14th, she would reveal her 3D model on stream for the first time. The following year, Korone would achieve a rather incredible spike of growth to her channel, as she went from 150,000 subscribers in January 2020 to over 1,000,000 by the end of the year.

Inugami Korone Physical Description

Korone is a young humanoid dog girl with brown hair, brown eyes, and a bushy tail. Although she is a dog girl, Korone has both human ears and dog ears. Her main outfit consists of a white one-piece dress that is decorated with blue and red buttons and a pair of matching bones on her chest. This dress is also covered with an unzipped yellow skirt hoodie that has one side casually slipping off of her shoulder. Her hair also has a pair of bone-shaped hair clips and is worn in a pair of braids that are tied with blue hair bands. One other outfit that she uses fairly often is her casual Western outfit, which includes a white dress, a dark terra cotta-colored skirt, and a dark brown mantle.

For New Year’s Day 2020, Korone revealed another outfit to celebrate the holiday. This blue and white Japanese-style dress is tied with a red obi and a large red and yellow bow and has extremely wide, detached sleeves that are decorated with a flower and cloud pattern. A transparent purple and pink scarf also floats behind and above her head. To highlight Korone’s eccentric personality, this outfit also includes a kadomatsu (a New Year’s decoration made with bamboo) hat. To make things even more ridiculous, the bamboo can be made to move up and down like the pistons of an engine.

Inugami Korone Personality

Inugami Korone’s personality, in some ways, is very much like a dog. She is always described as incredibly cute, happy, and energetic. Korone is also very excitable when playing games and often lets out “howls” of excitement when playing games. That said, Korone is also very eccentric and has her own ways of doing things. She often enjoys putting pressure on her viewers by jokingly acting jealous whenever they mention watching streams of other Hololive members. This, along with other long-running jokes like asking for her viewers’ fingers and her love of violent content like DOOM and gory horror movies, has caused many to think that she has a “crazy” side that still manages to be adorable in its own way.

Her unusual personality also seems to follow her off-stream as well, as she has mentioned that one of her biggest hobbies aside from playing games is boxing -- something that is also likely why she has so much stamina. Despite her more unusual tastes, Korone is an exceptionally emotional person and is quick to tear up during emotional moments of a game. Korone is also exceptionally close with Nekomata Okayu and is one of the Hololive members she collaborates with the most. When they stream together, the duo is often referred to as “Okakoro”.

Associated Company

Korone is a member of Hololive GAMERS, a generation of the all-female VTuber group, Hololive, which is focused on streaming games. All of the members of Hololive are managed by Hololive Production, a VTuber agency that is owned by Cover Corporation. Hololive GAMERS debuted between the 2nd and 3rd Generations of Hololive (June 2018 to April 2019). This generation also includes Shirakami Fubuki (previously 1st Generation), Ookami Mio, and Nekomata Okayu.

Notable Series

Although Korone enjoys playing a variety of different games on her channel, she has a distinct preference for retro games and games with Western developers.

Retro Games

One of the things Korone is most famous for is her incredibly long streams of extremely difficult and obscure retro games. While she has also played popular older games like Banjo Kazooie, Dragon Quest III, and Megaman, her library also includes NES titles like Atlantis no Nazo, Spelunker, and Hebereke (Uforia: The Saga), among others. Korone also often hosts “endurance” streams featuring some of these more obscure games, which usually last anywhere between five and ten hours. Her current record for longest stream as of April 2021 is approximately 28 hours and belongs to a Japan-only SNES RPG named Maka-Maka.

Western Games

Aside from retro games, Korone has also shown a great interest in playing games from Western developers like Ubisoft and Bethesda. Particularly notable games include entries in the Doom and Assassin’s Creed series. These streams are considered to be fan-favorites due to the games’ unusually high amount of violence and Korone’s amusing reactions to said violence. While these are some of the most popular longer running series on Korone’s channel, other popular Western games that have been played by Korone include Cuphead (with Nekomata Okayu), Crash Bandicoot, and A Way Out.


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