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Otogibara Era was a mainstay of Nijisanji during her prime. While initially a cute, safe character, her controversial personality change earned Otogibara a dedicated fanbase. Her graduation from Nijisanji brought up concerns from fans about the fate of other VTubers in the future. Her YouTube channel and Twitter are no longer accessible, but her legacy lives on in fan archived clips and appearances on other streamers' channels.

Otogibara Era Background

Otogibara Era was a female Japanese VTuber managed by Nijisanji. She's known for her dramatic character change after her debut, becoming more crass and irreverent over time. In early 2021, Otogibara announced her plans to leave Nijisanji to pursue different career goals.

Otogibara Era History

Otogibara made her YouTube debut on March 10, 2019. That June, she reached her first milestone with 100,000 subscribers. She debuted her 3D model during a live performance on December 8, 2019. During her first 3D model live stream, Otogibara earned over $30,000 through superchats. In April 2020, Otogibara debuted in a music duo with Morinaka Kazaki called petit fleurs. They released a full-length album under NBCUniversal Entertainment called "première fleurs." During her second anniversary live stream, Otogibara announced her graduation from Nijisanji. By the end of March, all her archived streams and videos were removed from YouTube and her social media accounts were deactivated. She asked her fans to continue supporting her into the future.

Otogibara Era Physical Description

Otogibara's design reflected her original characters as a college senior and member of a handicrafts club. She had long, wavy golden orange hair partially tied back with a white bandanna. Her outfit resembled the house working peasant version of Cinderella's character design. Otogibara wore a ruffled dress with a blue bodice full brown skirt. Over the dress, she wore an apron featuring a tear in the hem and a brown patch. Her accessories included blue and white flowers in her hair and a large red bow around her collar.

Otogibara Era Personality

Notably, Otogibara experienced a drastic personality shift after her debut. Originally, Otogibara was a polite, romantic young woman with strong domestic skills waiting for her prince to arrive. Eventually, she transformed into a crude, loud, and short-tempered woman looking for wealth and fame. The personality shift was so drastic, her fans consider them two separate people. Her early, "Cinderella-like" character gained the nickname Era while her later personality was dubbed Gibara. Fans developed a theory that Era was actually murdered after a collaboration with Suzuhara Lulu. Gibara then appeared to replace Era as a puppet. Some fans believe the Gibara persona was the real Era from the beginning and that she lost her ability to play the Cinderella part.

Associated Company

As a VTuber, Otogibara worked under Nijisanji. However, she released original music under a separate label. Nijisanji rarely distributes their talent's original music directly and allows them to sign with larger music producers.

Notable Games and Series

While the original videos no longer exist, some of Otogibara's best moments persist through clip and highlight videos. Her contributions to Nijisanji and the VTuber community arose through her unique personality that came out through her gaming streams.


iDOLM@STER is a multimedia Japanese idol-raising franchise that Otogibara played obsessively. She frequently streamed herself playing the game and revealed her excellent skills in rhythm gaming. Through her iDOLM@STER streams, Otogibara revealed herself as a lolicon and obsessive idol otaku. In a notable stream, Otogibara spent around $850 USD on over 300 gacha pulls trying to get her favorite character. She grew increasingly frustrated and eventually unlocked the ability to select the character directly.

MapleStory 2

One of Otogibara's earliest gaming streams was a collaboration with the MapleStory franchise. MapleStory is a 2D side-scrolling platform MMORPG. Otogibara played MapleStory 2 with Suzuhara Lulu and Yuzuki Roa in a sponsored stream on March 17, 2019. The group continued their MapleStory adventure with each VTuber hosting different entries in the franchise on their respective channels. Over their five-month collaboration, Otogibara maintained the Era personality eventually replaced by Suzuhara. While the streams Otogibara hosted are no longer available, the videos on Suzuhara and Yuzuki's channels are still watchable.

Notable Partnerships/Collaborations

Unlike most members of Nijisanji, Otogibara lacked an assigned grouping from the agency. However, she eventually formed petit fleurs with Morinaka Kazaki to release original music.

petit fleurs

Otogibara fulfilled a personal dream debuting as an idol with Morinaka. As petit fleurs, the duo released a ten-track album of original songs and two music videos on April 22, 2020. In November 2020, they performed their first solo live. The concert received a Blu-Ray pre-release in February 2021 with a scheduled release for May. After Otogibara graduated from Nijisanji, petit fleurs ended their activities. Morinaka announced her plans to continue as a solo artist, leaving Otogibara's musical future unknown.


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