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Yashiro Kizuku debuted in the first wave of Nijisanji’s now-defunct SEEDs group. His unique gimmick involved a relatable, tired office worker that resonated with viewers. With deep otaku knowledge and finely honed gaming skills, Yashiro maintains his position as one of Nijisanji's most popular male VTubers.

Yashiro Kizuku Background

Yashiro Kizuku is a male Japanese VTuber affiliated with Nijisanji. He is a tired, overworked programmer who started streaming to fill his free time with something interesting. Due to his day job, he usually streams from 9:00 pm until 1:00 am Japan Standard Time.

Yashiro Kizuku History

Yashiro debuted on the Mirratv app on June 5, 2018. He re-uploaded his live stream from Mirratv onto YouTube the next day. In February 2019, he reached his first YouTube subscriber milestone of 50,000 subscribers. On June 23, 2019, he received the 2.0 brush-up of his 2D model. Yashiro held a live stream event from July 20 until the next morning to reach 100,000 subscribers. He reached his next milestone on December 15, 2019, with 150,000 subscribers. On February 17, 2020, Yashiro debuted his 3D model during a YouTube live stream. He started hosting a regular program with Sasaki Saku in April 2020. In August 2020, Yashiro joined a marketing collaboration with SEGA and Hatsune Miku for the game Project SEKAI COLORFUL STAGE! feat. Hatsune Miku. As of April 2021, Yashiro has over 400,000 subscribers, making him the third most popular male Nijisanji VTuber.

Yashiro Kizuku Physical Description

Yashiro is a tall, adult man with the appearance of a generic office worker. He has short black hair and heavy-lidded, tired-looking eyes. His outfit consists of a blue button-down shirt with a white collar and a company ID on a red lanyard around his neck. After his first key visual came out, fans commented on similarities between him and Nozaki from the series Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun. As a result, Yashiro attempted to do an impression of Nozaki's voice actor in his debut stream.

In his alternate outfit, Yashiro wears a white t-shirt under an open navy blazer. He still wears his employee ID lanyard. In a more formal design, he wears a white button-down shirt under a buttoned blue cardigan. This outfit can include a tan trench coat worn over the cardigan. Occasionally, he wears black frame glasses with any of his outfits.

Yashiro Kizuku Personality

As a working adult, Yashiro has a tired, yet mature personality. Due to his age, he often fulfills a fatherly role when interacting with other Nijisanji members. He is kind and gentle, usually offering advice and calming explanations for others. A self-proclaimed otaku, Yashiro possesses a deep knowledge of anime, manga, and games. When discussing his favorite topics, he sheds his usually tired demeanor and grows passionate and excited. Yashiro becomes a completely different person when drunk. However, since Nakao Azuma's retirement, he no longer drinks while streaming.

Notable Games and Series

Yashiro's solo gaming series reflect his niche interests as an adult otaku. As a result, many of his streams feature older games from the 1980s and 90s, showcasing his skills honed over the last two decades.

Rhythm Games

Yashiro loves rhythm games, especially the Beatmania franchise. Beatmedia is a Japanese rhythm game franchise originating in arcade games during the 1990s. Games in the franchise received home play versions for PlayStation, PlayStation 2, and PC. The game requires a custom controller with five or seven keys resembling a piano and a DJ-style turntable. Yashiro has an archived playlist for his streaming series of beatmaniaIIDX. The playlist contains 27 streams, each averaging two to three hours in length. Yashiro also plays rhythm games during commemorative and casual chat streams. For example, he played Beatmania during his celebration of his 3D model.

Retro Games

Aside from the Beatmania franchise, Yashiro also plays titles for older gaming consoles, such as the NES and Famicom. Some of these games have ports for newer systems or Yashiro uses an emulator to play. In October 2019, Yashiro started playing Megaman X, Rockman X in Japanese, as a speedrun challenge. He's continued both the Megaman X and original Megaman games in a series still ongoing as of April 2021. Before the release of Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions, Yashiro replayed the older games in the series starting with Captain Tsubasa III.

Notable Partnerships/Collaborations

As one of Nijisanji's most popular male VTubers, Yashiro participates in high-profile collaborations. These include casual groups with other popular VTubers and official company-sponsored programs.


Dokuzuhonsha is a collaboration between Yashiro, Kuzuha, Honma Himawari, and Dola. The group usually plays games together, hosted on Himawari or Dola's channels. In September 2019, they released an original song, "Fam☆Fam☆Time," posted on Himawari's channel. Yashiro created a playlist on his channel of the group's archived streams together.

Yashiro and Sasaki no Lever Gacha Daipan

In April 2020, Yashiro started hosting a 3D gameshow program with Sasaki Saku. The program, produced by Nijisanji and Kyodo Television, began as a weekly show on Tuesday nights at 7:00 pm JST. On December 8, 2020, Yashiro and Sasaki hosted the show in a live event at KT Zepp Yokohama. In April 2021, the show received a second season renewal and has a new air time on Friday nights.


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