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Ryushen is one of Nijisanji’s most prolific singers. With over 150 covers on their channel and numerous collaborations with other VTubers, Ryushen has performed songs across genres, from tenor to soprano range.

Ryushen Background

Ryushen is a Japanese VTuber managed by Nijisanji and a former member of the group Nijisanji SEEDs. They are a relaxed high school student known for their impressive singing voice. Ryushen is a stage name derived from their real name, Sengawa Midori. Their first goal after becoming a VTuber was to make 100 friends.

Ryushen History

Ryushen made their YouTube debut on June 8, 2018. They organized their first Nijisanji event in August 2018, directing the "SEEDs 24h" Project. In May 2019, Ryushen reached 100,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel. They debuted their 3D model during the Nijisanji Music Festival on October 2, 2019. In May 2020, Ryushen made their major music label debut under the Nijisanji band Rain Drops. They appeared in two major live events in 2021: the Vtuber Fes Japan 2021 and the Nijisanji Anniversary Festival. As of April 2021, Ryushen has over 440,00 subscribers on YouTube.

Ryushen Physical Description

Ryushen has long, vibrant green hair worn in a braid and purple eyes. In their default costume, they wear a Chinese-inspired traditional outfit with black pants and a white jacket slumped off their shoulders. They have pierced ears and wear gold and red tassel piercing in their left ear. In promotional materials, Ryushen holds a panda stuffed animal against their chest. In their 3D model, Ryushen takes off their jacket, revealing a sleeveless, black crop top underneath. They have received several alternate outfits, all of which feature a black and white color scheme.

Ryushen Personality

Ryushen has a slightly eccentric personality that makes it difficult for them to make friends in school. They have an abundance of self-confidence, particularly regarding their looks and singing ability. At the same time, they worry that others will not love them in the same way they love themselves. Ryushen has many unique interests, including their love of 1980s songs and anime. As a result, they tend to bond with the adult members in Nijisanji over shared references.

Notably, Ryushen has not officially stated their gender. They intentionally withhold their gender from viewers to perform both masculine and feminine roles. When asked if they would identify with a single-gender one day, Ryushen answered that they probably would not.

Associated Company

As a VTuber, Ryushen debuted under the now-defunct Njisanji SEEDs first generation. After integrating the groups, Ryushen began collaborating with more VTubers on song covers. As a result, members from all of Nijisanji's previous groups collaborated to form Rain Drop and signed with Virgin Records.


Ryushen is part of several Nijisanji musical groups, including some signed to major labels.

le jouet

Ryushen is a member of the music group le jouet along with Kagami Hayato and Yumeoi Kakeru. The group formed in August 2019 and posted their first cover that September. Since forming, le jouet posts a new video almost once per month. In 2021, the group released their first original songs: "Playtime Magic" and "P.F.M." The music video for "P.F.M." is available on Ryushen's channel.

Rain Drops

Rain Drops is a six-member indie band formed in January 2020. Members include Ryushen, Saegusa Akina, Elu, Joe Rikiichi, Suzuki Masaru, and Warabeda Meiji. They released their first mini-album, Synesthesia, under the label Virgin Records on May 13, 2020. Rain Drops performed during the Nijisanji Anniversary Festival 2021 in a concert with Tsukino Mito and Higuchi Kaede. On April 14, 2021, the group released their first single, "Refrains."

Notable Releases/Videos

Since their debut, Ryushen has covered over 150 songs with several videos surpassing one million views. After overwhelming fan support, Ryushen started releasing original music as well. Starting in 2019, Ryushen limited most of their non-singing videos to membership viewers only.

Cover Videos

Ryushen's song covers defined their channel activity since their debut. As of April 2021, their most popular video is a cover of "Villain/flower" by Vocaloid Teniwoha. The low range and bouncy melody allow for Ryushen to show off their cool, masculine side. Conversely, their cover of "Migikata no Chou" by Nori P showcases Ryushen's upper register, allowing them to present feminine attributes. Ryushen's versatility allows for them to match the aesthetic of their singing partners. For example, Ryushen takes on a dark, theatrical tenor voice in their cover performed with bass vocalists Yashiro Kizuku and Hanabatake Chaika. However, when performing with the female members of Crescendo, Ryushen sings in their mezzo soprano register.

500 Songs Without Stopping

In September 2018, Ryushen started a project to sing 500 songs without stopping. The project spanned three days in three different streams, each lasting around four hours. Through the stream, Ryushen wanted to test their endurance as well as their knowledge of Vocaloid songs. They posted a reflection on the event available only to channel members. However, Ryushen planned a similar singing challenge for 2021 titled "100 Vocaloid Songs Endurance Revenge." The live stream is scheduled to begin on May 2, 2021, at 11:00 pm JST.


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