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Shishiro Botan is a Japanese VTuber from Hololive’s 5th Generation and is largely known for her calm, yet bubbly personality, experience with first-person shooters, and knowledge of computers.

Shishiro Botan Background

Botan is a white lion girl that hosts a variety of content on her channel, but she is known mostly for her streams of shooting games in the Call of Duty and Battlefield series that she did earlier in her career.

Shishiro Botan History

Shishiro Botan’s first interaction with the world happened on her Twitter account on August 6th, 2020, where she simply said “paon” -- a short and simple roar befitting her lioness nature. Her official YouTube debut occurred almost a week later on August 14th, where she also reached 100,000 subscribers. On New Year’s Day 2021, Botan received a special outfit along with the members of the 4th Generation and 5th Generation (with the exception of Momosuzu Nene). She later debuted her 3D model on stream while simultaneously reaching 600,000 subscribers on her channel on January 16th, 2021.

Shishiro Botan Physical Description

Botan is a mature white lion girl that is one of the tallest members of Hololive and is second only to Kiryu Coco. Like her nature as a white lion would suggest, Botan has light gray hair, a pair of feline ears on top of her head, and a short lion’s tail. Her main outfit consists of a short, black sleeveless top and a short grey skirt. Botan also wears a single torn black stocking and a loose, baggy black jacket that is lined with white fur along the top. One of her ears has a pair of two black ring piercings as well, making her one of the few Hololive members to have piercings.

Her New Year’s outfit consists of a white and red traditional Japanese-style dress with long sleeves that is tied up with a black and gold obi. The dress shares some similarities with her original outfit as well, like how the main part of the dress is sleeveless and comes with a jacket lined with fur. Decorations like bells, cords, and floral ornaments are also found in various parts of the outfit as well, which add even more color variety. Botan’s hair is usually worn down, but this outfit has it tied up into a pair of hair buns.

Shishiro Botan Personality

Botan is well known for her laid-back and casual personality when talking with her viewers but also has a goofy, fun-loving side to her that shows through quite often. That said, despite making herself seen as easy-going and carefree, Botan is an incredibly hard worker, especially when it comes to her fans. She is very considerate when it comes to her audience and keeps them in mind when deciding on what games to play when she makes her schedules, as she wants to make sure viewers enjoy her streams as much as possible. Furthermore, Botan often acts much like a caring leader for the 5th Generation and is jokingly called the “father” of the group. Her knowledge of computers also often causes Botan’s fellow gen-mates to rely on her whenever they have issues with their computers or streaming programs. When playing games, Botan is always calm and collected and never really displays any frustration. Instead, she speaks in “cutesy” Japanese whenever things do not go her way. One particular example is her call for help, “tachukete”, which is essentially baby speak for “tasukete”, the Japanese word for “help me”.

Associated Company

Shishiro Botan is a member of Hololive Production, a large VTuber agency that is based mainly in Japan and owned by Cover Corporation. Although the company used to develop AR and VR software, its CEO, Motoaki “Yagoo” Tanigo shifted the focus of Cover to produce “virtual idols” after being influenced by the success of popular characters like Kizuna Ai and Hatsune Miku. As of April 2021, Hololive has seven different generations of Japanese-speaking VTubers (five numbered generations and two non-numbered generations). Botan belongs to the 5th Generation, which includes the VTubers Omaru Polka, Momosuzu Nene, Yukihana Lamy, Shishiro Botan, and Mano Aloe (now retired). This generation is the most recent Japanese generation and debuted in the summer of 2020.

Notable Series

Although Botan plays many different games on her channel, some of her most popular streams include her playthroughs of shooting games as well as her streams of Trials Rising.

Shooting Games

When first starting out her VTuber career, Botan played several different first-person shooting games from the Call of Duty and Battlefield series. She quickly proved herself to be an incredibly competent player in this genre and caused the developers to take notice of her skill. The Japanese branch of Activision ended up gifting Botan a copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Dark Edition, which includes a pair of fully functional night vision goggles. Furthermore, Botan was also invited to compete in the “COD Challengers Japan National Team Finals” as well. Currently, streams featuring shooting games are less common but still occur from time to time.

Trials Rising

Trials Rising is a physics-based motorcycle racing game that was developed by RedLynx and published by Ubisoft in early 2019. Gameplay involves playing through various levels that have different obstacles to overcome. Although many might consider it a rather simple game, Botan finds playing it to be incredibly enjoyable. She seems to favor the shopping cart as her primary vehicle and the goofy physics-based engine often evokes plenty of giggles from Botan, which many fans also enjoy.


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