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Usada Pekora is a VTuber that is a part of Hololive’s 3rd Generation of their Japanese branch. After her original debut in mid-2019, she quickly became known for her unusual laugh, chaotic antics, and conniving pranks. As of early 2021, Pekora is one of the few VTubers that has reached over one million subscribers and is very close to reaching 1.5 million, making her one of the most popular VTubers in both Hololive and the overall VTuber community as a whole.

Usada Pekora Background

Like with many other VTubers that are managed by Hololive, Usada Pekora can often be seen streaming a variety of content on her YouTube channel that ranges anywhere from gaming streams to karaoke streams and song cover videos. That said, Pekora is generally known more for her gaming streams than anything else.

Usada Pekora History

Usada Pekora made her first debut on her official YouTube channel on July 17th, 2019, and, by the end of the year, had already debuted her 3D model and reached 100,000 subscribers, which is a rather fast pace when compared to previous members of Hololive. In November and December 2019, Pekora would have several streams of Minecraft that had her building several destructive contraptions, which eventually led to the creation of “Usada Construction”. Although Pekora was originally the only member, other Hololive members like Moona Hoshinova and Amane Kanata eventually joined as well, making “Usada Construction” a name that became a staple among fans of Pekora and Hololive in general. In the following year, Pekora’s channel would grow exponentially in popularity and went from 100,000 subscribers to over 1,000,000 by the end of 2020.

Usada Pekora Physical Description

Pekora is a young bunny girl with long blue and white hair and red eyes with yellow highlights. Her main outfit consists of a white and blue dress with detached sleeves, black gloves, and black stockings. Although her dress leaves her shoulders exposed, she also wears a scarf around her neck that is actually a bunny-shaped creature named Don-chan. Her dress, gloves, and ankles are also lined with tufts of fluffy white fur.

Although she often wears her main outfit, Pekora also has two different outfits she can use with her Live2D model. The first alternate outfit she got was a New Year’s outfit that she received for New Year’s Day 2020. This red traditional-style Japanese dress is tied with a yellow obi and a pink bow with a carrot on it. The inside of the outfit is also decorated with a lace pattern with carrots lining the bottom. Don-chan can also be seen wrapped around her shoulders. For April Fool’s Day 2021, Pekora received another outfit inspired by a stereotypical prisoner’s uniform, as one of the long-running jokes with Pekora is that the many pranks she comes up with are crimes that need to be atoned for.

Usada Pekora Personality

One of Pekora’s most notable traits when it comes to her personality is her chaotic nature and love of pranks. In her Minecraft streams, she enjoys playing pranks and crafting intricate traps for other members. This is especially true when it comes to playing games with Sakura Miko, who is often seen as a friendly rival to Pekora. Although she generally is not afraid to cause chaos with her antics, Pekora is also quick to turn tail and run away when things go south -- only to wait until an opening shows itself once again. Furthermore, Pekora also has a fairly short temper at times and is not afraid to raise her voice when she is upset or frustrated. Ironically enough, several Hololive members have attested that Pekora is actually quite shy in person and is incredibly caring when it comes to her fellow Hololive members and viewers.

Associated Company

Usada Pekora is a member of Hololive Production, one of the largest VTuber agencies in the world. Hololive Production is owned by Cover Corporation and manages over 50 individual VTubers that have debuted in various branches and generations. Although Hololive’s Japanese branch is by far its largest, it has English and Indonesian branches as well. While most members are allowed to stream freely on their own individual channels (as long as they follow company and YouTube guidelines), they also participate in large-scale events and collaborations that are organized by Hololive.

Notable Series

Although Pekora is largely known for her chaotic pranks in Minecraft, Some of Pekora’s most popular streams include her playthroughs of games in the Dragon Quest and Yakuza series.

Dragon Quest Series

Beginning on May 5th, 2020, Pekora started a playthrough of Dragon Quest V on her channel and would complete it within a month. This playthrough ended up having several fan-favorite moments that were clipped and compiled into highlight videos by fans. Such examples include Pekora gambling away all of her money in the game’s casinos and a chorus that compiles all of the times Pekora sang the opening theme of the game. Following her playthrough of Dragon Quest V, Pekora would later go on to play both Dragon Quest Builders 2 and Dragon Quest XI S.

Yakuza Series

The Yakuza series (Ryuu ga Gotoku in Japan) is a series known for telling complex, intricate stories revolved around Yakuza conflicts that are interwoven with a unique style of humor. On January 1st, 2021, Pekora began playing Yakuza 0. Fans believe that Pekora’s chaotic nature and sense of humor were a very good match with this game, in particular, making it another fan-favorite series on her channel. Shortly after completing Yakuza 0, Pekora followed up by playing Yakuza 1: Kiwami, which did similarly well.


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