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Kureiji Ollie is an Indonesian, English, and Japanese speaking VTuber that is affiliated with Hololive Indonesia, one of the three branches of female VTubers managed by Hololive Production. Since her debut in December 2020, she has blown away many viewers with her explosive energy and excitable personality.

Kureiji Ollie Background

Ollie is a zombie girl VTuber that is known for her seemingly limitless energy and boisterous behavior. While she tends to play games like APEX Legends, Ollie often likes hosting chatting streams on her channel to interact with her audience more.

Kureiji Ollie History

On December 1st, 2020, the official Hololive Indonesia Twitter account would upload a video announcing that the branch would be debuting its 2nd Generation of members in the following week. Ollie would be the first member of this generation to make their debut, which occurred on December 4th. That same day, Ollie would reach 100,000 subscribers on her channel. By the end of the year, this number would triple to over 300,000. On March 24th, 2021, she would reach 500,000 subscribers, making her the first in her generation to reach this half-million milestone.

Kureiji Ollie Physical Description

Ollie was once a young adolescent girl but has since died and came back as a zombie. She appears to be similar to Frankenstein’s monster, as she has patches of various skin tones that are all stitched together to make a single body. Her eyes are also quite unusual as well, as her right eye is several different colors and has a square-shaped pupil while her left iris looks like a pale yellow button. Ollie’s body is also haphazardly wrapped in bandages, further emphasizing her undead design.

When it comes to her main outfit, Ollie wears a large black and pink bow in her hair and the remnants of a multilayered black, purple, and pink dress that is adorned with several red ribbons and bows. Ollie claims that during the time when she was dead, rats had eaten her costume, leaving it tattered and full of holes. Her hair, which is various shades of red, pink, and gray, is tied up into a pair of large, loose buns that are held up with the black sword that goes through Ollie’s head. Ollie also wears a boot on one foot and a shoe on the other -- a choice Ollie says she made herself because she could not choose between the two.

Kureiji Ollie Personality

Since her original debut, Ollie quickly became known for her boundless energy, care-free attitude, and cheerful personality. Out of all of the members of her generation and Hololive Indonesia as a whole, Ollie is likely the most talkative, social, and chaotic VTuber one can find. Whenever she streams, Ollie likes to excitedly shout whatever is on her mind without hesitation. This habit also carries over to her tweets, where she types almost exclusively in capital letters. Aside from her energetic, talkative personality, Ollie herself is also a massive fan of other VTubers and is quick to share her admiration with her senior Hololive members, and is prone to getting star-struck whenever they appear in her stream chats. Ollie also deeply appreciates her fans and likes interacting with them in her streams and on Twitter.

Associated Company

Kureiji Ollie is a member of the 2nd Generation of Hololive Indonesia, a branch of the all-female VTuber group known as Hololive. This group of VTubers is managed by Hololive Production, a VTuber agency that manages over fifty individual members from around the world. Hololive Production itself is owned by Cover Corporation, a company that once developed software for VR and AR technology, but shifted its focus to producing “virtual idols” following the success of virtual characters like Kizuna Ai. As of April 2021, Hololive Indonesia has six members across two generations: Ollie herself, Anya Melfissa, Pavolia Reine, Ayunda Risu, Moona Hoshinova, and Airani Iofifteen.

Notable Videos

Ollie can be seen streaming a wide variety of content on her channel, but some of her most popular include her chatting and APEX Legends streams.

Chatting Streams

Since Ollie is such a social person, she often holds chatting streams where she talks about various things with her viewers. While most of these streams often do not have a theme and mainly consist of Ollie talking about whatever comes to mind, she sometimes asks her viewers to send Marshmallows (a service used to send anonymous questions and comments) for her to respond to, resulting in Q&A and life advice streams.

APEX Legends

While many different VTubers enjoy playing APEX Legends, Ollie’s social personality and multi-linguistic skills have led to her play APEX with an impressive range of different VTubers. While this includes members in the Hololive Indonesia branch like Moona Hoshinova and Pavolia Reine, Ollie has also played APEX with VTubers like Roboco-san, Natsuiro Matsuri, Watson Amelia, and Astel Leda.


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