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Minato Aqua is a member of Hololive 2nd Generation and, through her endearing airheadedness and stubborn determination, became one of the few VTubers that have surpassed one million YouTube subscribers.

Minato Aqua Background

As a member of Hololive, Minato Aqua is a VTuber that does a variety of different activities like singing, streaming games, and chatting with viewers. That said, Aqua is specifically known for her competitive nature and a surprising amount of skill when it comes to playing player-vs.-player games.

Minato Aqua History

Minato Aqua made her YouTube debut on August 8th, 2018, and introduced herself as an innocent maid that loves playing video games. Shortly after she revealed her 3D model on April 8th, 2019, she appeared as a guest in the Super Bilibili VUP Stage along with Murasaki Shion, Shirakami Fubuki, Ookami Mio, Natsuiro Matsuri, Ryushen, and Shiina Yuika. The following year, she gained a revised Live2D model and became the second Hololive VTuber to reach the 500,000 YouTube subscriber milestone. She also held her first solo concert titled “Aqua Iro Super Dream” and debuted her first original song “Aquairo Palette” on August 21st, 2020. In early 2021, Aqua reached 1,000,000 subscribers during a karaoke stream.

Minato Aqua Physical Description

Minato Aqua is a young girl with long, light purple hair and amethyst eyes. Her main outfit consists of a fairly standard white and navy blue maid-style uniform that is decorated with matching bows. Her hair is accented with light blue highlights and is usually worn in spiraling twin tails that are tied up with navy ribbons. Both the headpiece and dress of her outfit also have an anchor on it, which is likely a play on her water-themed name.

Throughout her career, Aqua has also received several alternate outfits. Her first Live2D alternate outfit was originally shown off for 2020’s New Year’s Day. Although this outfit still has some classic elements of a maid outfit, this New Year’s outfit is a blue kimono with a water ripple pattern decorating it. Her hair is also worn down with the exception of a side ponytail that is tied with a blue cord. She also received a casual outfit consisting of a school uniform that is covered with an oversized white jacket. This outfit also replaces her twin tails with a pair of loose braids and a hairband.

Minato Aqua Personality

Although she introduced herself as a kindhearted maid that loves playing video games, she quickly became known for being clumsy and airheaded. Aqua has also told her fans that she actually despises housework, contrary to her established character. Her clumsy nature and bad luck also often lead her to throw tantrums, which give her a reputation for being childish at times. That said, Aqua often displays intense determination and technique when it comes to games. When talking about why she tries so hard when playing games, Aqua mentions that believes she doesn’t have much else to offer, so she always tries her best to make her streams more enjoyable. Since some fans have noticed that her purple hair resembled a red onion and jokingly call her such. This is sometimes used in tandem with “Baqua”, another name given by her viewers that stems from her goofy, airheaded nature.

Associated Company

Aqua is a member of Hololive Productions, a VTuber agency that is owned by Cover Corporation. Although Cover Corporation was originally a developer of AR and VR software, it shifted its focus to creating virtual idols after the success of characters like Hatsune Miku and Kizuna Ai. Aside from their regular streams, many members of Hololive also participate in live concerts and collaborations with companies like Lawson, FamilyMart, and more.

Notable Series

Although she is mostly known for her APEX Legends streams, Aqua has made a name for herself for hosting extremely long “endurance” streams that feature extremely difficult games or intentionally lengthy challenges. Such examples include her APEX rank grinding streams and her streams of Jump King.

APEX Legends

APEX Legends may be a game that is played by many different VTubers, but Minato Aqua is one of the best players in Hololive, if not the entire VTuber community. Many of her APEX streams involve her streaming herself attempting to grind up to Diamond rank or not stopping until she reached a certain number of kills. She also had several grinding streams that lasted over 10 hours each leading up to the mid-Season 8 split at the end of March 2021. Toward the end of these streams, Aqua managed to raise her rank up to Diamond I for a brief amount of time, which is generally considered to be a fairly difficult accomplishment.

Jump King

Jump King is an indie platforming game that is notorious for being insanely difficult and generally takes numerous hours to complete despite being rather short. The general goal of the game is to climb a tower full of pits and difficult gaps to cross, which makes it easy to fall back down. Between July 31st and August 1st, Aqua streamed this particular game for approximately 20 hours. Despite her building frustration as she continued falling down and losing progress, Aqua showed her determination and pushed through until the end.


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