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Projekt Melody sparked controversy after her breakout in early 2020. Her presence as the self-proclaimed "first 3D rendered hentai camgirl" initially caused rifts in the adult entertainment industry. Over time, her reputation solidified, making her one of the hottest growing VTubers of 2020.

Projekt Melody Background

Projekt Melody, or Melody, is an American VTuber. Her primary streaming service was Chaturbate, an adult webcam website. She has since started Safe For Work streams and activities on Twitter and Twitch.

Projekt Melody History

Melody first appeared on Twitter in July 2019. Her first tweets expressed her desire to possess a physical human body. In December 2019, Melody posted her first YouTube video and created a Twitch account. She gained fame through her adult streams on Chaturbate. She streamed for the first time on the service on February 8, 2020. On Valentine's Day that year, she hosted her first fully nude livestream. Over that week, her Twitter follower count jumped from 700 to over 20,000. She was temporarily suspended from Twitch in March 2020 for her overtly adult content. In July 2020, she broke the record for tipping during her birthday Chaturbate stream, earning over $175,000. She announced her membership in the VTuber agency VShojo on a Twitch stream in November 2020.

Projekt Melody Physical Description

Melody is a young woman with a thin athletic body. She has shaggy, layered hair colored with a blue and purple gradient styled in a loose ponytail with bangs. Notably, she wears a white bandage over the bridge of her nose.

She wears different outfits depending on the streaming platform. However, each one is fairly revealing. For Chaturbate streams, she wears a black halter bra and a matching black and pink thong. Her standard outfit features a cropped jacket with large white sleeves covered with pink buckle straps featuring the word "hentai." Underneath, she wears a black buckled band across her chest and a partial harness on her stomach. Her white athletic shorts are short with black trim, featuring the number 69. The number appears again on her over-the-knee socks.

Twitch considered her default outfit too risque, prompting another design. She wears a loose cropped white t-shirt. A cutout design on the shirt, reading "AI Hentai," reveals the black bra she wears on Chaturbate streams. Her pink bra straps cross over her chest and loop around her neck in a halter style.

Projekt Melody Personality

Despite the nature of her streams, Melody possesses a "wholesome" and naive personality. In her official backstory, Melody claims she was designed as malware scrubbing Artificial Intelligence. During an email scan, she was corrupted by a pornographic pop-up ad and developed an obsession with human sexuality. As a result, she engages in sexual behavior out of curiosity but often gets flustered and embarrassed by viewer comments. She also knows the internet and meme culture, joking with fans in chats.

On April Fool's Day in 2020, Melody debuted an alternate personality on Chaturbate dubbed "Melware." After positive viewer responses, Melware reappeared on occasion, bullying Melody and taking over the channel. In contrast to Melody's innocence, Melware is crude and bratty. She often insults her viewers over the chat and bad mouths Melody as well. After October 2020, Melody and Melware no longer feud but still act out in playful rivalry.

Associated Company

Melody initially debuted as an independent project by designer DigitrevX. In November 2020, Projekt Melody joined US-based VTuber talent agency VShojo in their debut generation. She joined along with fellow popular English language VTubers Ironmouse and Silvervale.

Notable Releases/Videos

Melody's most notable work comes from her adult-oriented streams on Chaturbate. However, she also produces Safe For Work videos on risque topics like hentai or featuring suggestive titles.

Videos on Hentai

Following her explicit image, Melody frequently uploads videos discussing hentai. In these videos, she speaks in an opinionated or educational entertainment vlogging style. In her most popular hentai video, "Is Hentai Art?" Melody speaking about philosophical definitions of art and how pornography fits within that context. Similarly, in her "History of Hentai" video, Melody gives viewers a brief synopsis of pornographic history mixed with her colorful commentary. In these videos, Melody expresses a more confident and mature side of her personality compared to the flustered appearances in later videos.

Casual Gaming

Like many VTubers, Melody integrated gaming into her video catalog. Some of her games fit with her image, including point-and-click and visual novel style hentai games. Melody also plays games popular with VTubers, such as Among Us and Minecraft. Usually, these videos feature suggestive video titles, such as "Sucking Ghosts Dry" in reference to Luigi's Mansion. In her gameplay commentary, Melody reveals details about herself in a more casual setting than her Q&A videos. She also streams games with her YouTuber and VTuber friends, making dirty and inappropriate jokes related to the gameplay.

Other Activities

Primarily, Melody works on her adult streams. However, she works with other VShojo members to create various content using the groups' shared racy image.


Along with fellow VShojo members Silvervale and Ironmouse, Melody hosts a weekly raunchy podcast series called Lewdcast. The podcast started in September 2020 and the first season ran until February 2021. The show features guest appearances from other VTubers and non-virtual YouTube personalities. During the first season, the show ran on a livestream format. From the second season, the show switched to a prerecorded format.


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