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After her 2018 debut, Tsukino Mito became the face and pioneer of Nijisanji. Her videos set the bar for the agency's future talent and she remains one of their most popular creators today.

Tsukino Mito Background

Tsukino Mito is a female Japanese VTuber managed by Nijisanji. Tsukino was Nijisanji's first VTuber and set the tone for future talent in the company. She is a well-mannered class president type with interests in off-beat humor and subculture. Typically, Tsukino streams between 7:00 pm and 11:00 pm Japan Standard Time for one to two hours.

Tsukino Mito History

Tsukino debuted on Twitter in early February 2018 before her official YouTube introduction on February 7, 2018. By mid-March 2018, she had over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube. Initially, Tsukino streamed as a 2D, face-only avatar. She received a motion capture 3D model on April 7, 2018, during a live stream on the NicoNico Douga app. Later that month, she appeared in her first external collaboration with fellow Nijisanji members Higuchi Kaede and Shizuka Rin. In May, Tsukino surpassed 200,000 subscribers and held her first official event the following month to celebrate. "Tsukino Mito" made the top 20 in the Top 100 Net Buzzword ranking in 2018. By the end of 2019, her subscriber count surpassed 400,000. As of April 2021, Tsukino has over 730,000 YouTube subscribers, making her the second most popular Nijisanji member after Kuzuha.

Tsukino Mito Physical Description

Tsukino is a short high school girl with long black hair and blue eyes. She usually wears her hair down with blunt bangs reaching past her eyebrows. In her standard outfit, Tsukino wears a school uniform with a black blazer trimmed with blue plaid. Underneath, she wears a peach sweater and white collared shirt adorned with a pink bowtie. Her uniform is neatly pressed and properly worn with no buttons undone or loose clothing.

As one of Nijisanji's first and most prominent VTubers, Tsukino has numerous alternate and seasonal designs. Compared to other VTubers, her outfits tend to be simple and less flashy. A recurring theme in her outfits is the inclusion of bunny ears, referring to the second kanji in her name.

Tsukino Mito Personality

Tsukino carries herself with dignity and poise due to her role as a class president. She is well-spoken and thoughtful with her commentary. However, she has many quirks, including her offbeat sense of humor and wild imagination. As a result, she feels her efforts to maintain appearances as a serious student ultimately fail. Tsukino has a gift for storytelling and livens up her chat streams with anecdotes from her unusual childhood. She loves film, especially experimental titles. Given her efforts to maintain poise, Tsukino often ends up discussing grotesque films with euphemisms. These tend to be more disturbing than describing the film bluntly, as seen in her review of The Human Centipede.

Associated Company

Tsukino debuted as the first VTubers under Ichikara Inc.'s virtual talent agency Nijisanji. She auditioned for the role in late 2017 and earned her role in early January 2018. Other VTubers, such as Natori Sana, also auditioned for the spot but lost to Tsukino. Her successful debut jump-started Nijisanji's popularity in Japan, earning her the title "Nijisanji Queen."

JK Gumi

JK Gumi is the name given to Nijisanji's first three VTubers, Tsukino, Higuchi Kaede, and Shizuka Rin. While the three did not debut simultaneously like future Nijisanji members, they have retroactively deemed the company's debut generation. Their name comes from the Japanese word for high school girl, "joshi kousei," referencing their shared status as high school students.

Notable Releases/Videos

As the first Nijisanji VTuber, Tsukino's channel contains a wider breadth of content than later, streamlined members. Her experimental creations reflect the early environment of VTubers before the boom in 2018. Tsukino still participates in the song covers and gaming streams popular in recent years. However, her older, unique streams characterize her channel beyond the general VTuber scene.


Tsukino famously produces short, semi-scripted gag videos in the style of late 2010s YouTube. Her most well-known skit is her surrealist April Fool's joke from 2019. In the 18 minute stream, a mysterious figure appeared in a bedroom cosplaying Tsukino in a Kigurumi mask and bodysuit. The figure appeared on-screen dancing, eating, and lunging at the camera. Dubbed "Nazono Mito," the figure became a recurring character on Tsukino's channel. Tsukino's joking nature extended into her chat streams, surprising her unsuspecting viewers. During a chat stream in September 2019, Tsukino began roleplaying as a zombie and stayed in character for nearly 20 minutes. Many of the shorter skits have been organized in the "Miyasu Sou na Douga" playlist on Tsukino's channel.

Unusual Gaming

Tsukino started streaming poor-quality games early on her channel, purposefully seeking them out on obscure websites. During one famous attempt, Tsukino unknowingly started playing a BL erotic game, thinking it was a typing game. After triggering a sex scene, Tsukino used her avatar to cover the explicit material and quickly ended the stream. As her channel gained popularity, she incorporated critically-acclaimed indie titles in her gaming streams, such as 2017's Gorogoa. Tsukino still plays many PlayStation 2 games from the early 2000s, following her trend of offbeat gaming. These streams tend to become short series of around four episodes and include games like Raw Danger! and Siren.

Other Activities

Tsukino performs music with the other members of JK Gumi, releasing their first album in February 2019. She released her first original song, "Anti-Gravity Girl," on March 18, 2020. During that year, she released two more songs, including her first single, "Sore Yuke! Gakkyuu Iinchou."


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