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Kanade Izuru is a male VTuber from Holostars that is known for his musical talents when it comes to singing and playing instruments. As such, he is known for his karaoke streams and song covers, though he sometimes plays games on his channel as well.

Kanade Izuru Background

Kanade Izuru is a member of the 1st Generation of Holostars, the all-male group of VTubers managed by Hololive Production. Although the content on his channel mainly focuses on music, he can often be seen playing APEX Legends with other members of Holostars.

Kanade Izuru History

Izuru began his VTuber career on June 22nd, 2019. Like most other VTubers managed by Hololive Production, Izuru was given his own YouTube channel to stream on, which he generally does around twice a week. September 9th, 2019 marked the day his cover of Eve’s “Dramaturgy” would be uploaded to his channel, which made it the first cover for both Izuru individually and Holostars as a whole. In the following year, Izuru would receive a new outfit to celebrate White Day (March 14th) and reach 50,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. 2021 saw similar success as well, as Izuru revealed his New Year’s outfit on January 3rd and, by the end of the year, doubled his subscriber count to 100,000.

Kanade Izuru Physical Description

Izuru is a fairly lean, young man that is 163 centimeters tall (~5 feet, 4 inches) and has black shoulder-length hair, lightning bolt-shaped hairpins, several ear piercings and rings, and dark, deep purple eyes. Although he has several different outfits to choose from, his main outfit consists of a purple t-shirt with white handprints on it, a black spiked choker, and a large, heavy black and gold hooded jacket that is decorated with a floral pattern. The inside of the jacket is colored blue and its hood is topped with a pair of cat eats with several piercings in them. Izuru also wears a pair of short shorts and a wide black belt. The outfit also includes a pair of black boots and a black and gold guitar that Izuru can hold if he wishes.

Aside from his main outfit, Izuru has three other outfits that he can choose to wear with his Live2D model. The first is a butler’s uniform that he received for White Day. This outfit consists of a purple undershirt and a black suit that is adorned with a metallic silver trip and a few golden accessories like a pocket watch, a lightning bolt pin on his collar, and a skull-shaped medallion on his breast pocket. His summer outfit is similar to his main outfit but replaces his black and blue zip-up hoodie with a more casual blue and black pull-over hoodie. Izuru’s spiked choker is also replaced with a simple necklace. His bangs are also messily held up with several hairpins, further enforcing the casual look of the outfit. Izuru’s New Year’s outfit is based on a Taisho-era school uniform that includes a gray and blue outfit, a black, arm-length mantle that is decorated with various badges and tassels, and a matching cap.

Kanade Izuru Personality

Although the dark clothing and spiked choker from Izuru’s main outfit might make him seem like a punk at first glance, Izuru is quite the opposite. His official biography describes him as a frugal man that enjoys singing, does housework as a hobby, and taking care of his guitar. Furthermore, he always appreciates those that support him via Super Chats (YouTube’s donation system) or for just listening to what he has to say. Although Izuru is mainly known for playing guitar, he also knows how to play piano and ukulele and can occasionally be seen playing them during his karaoke streams.

Associated Company

Hololive Production is a large VTuber agency that manages over fifty different VTubers across several different brands. Its largest brand is Hololive, an all-female group that is spread across several different areas around the world and includes globally recognized VTubers like Inugami Korone, Gawr Gura (Gauru Gura), Usada Pekora, Mori Calliope, and Kiryu Coco. Izuru is a member of the 1st Generation of Holostars, the all-male brand of Hololive Productions, which also includes Hanasaki Miyabi, Arurandeisu, Rikka, Kagami Kira (now retired), and Yakushiji Suzaki (now retired).

Notable Releases

While he often tends to play games like APEX Legends on his channel, most of the content Izuru posts is music-related things like song covers and karaoke streams.

Song Covers

Out of his most popular uploads, Izuru’s most popular videos are his song covers. While these covers often consist of Vocaloid songs like Kikuo’s “Aishite, Aishite, Aishite”, Kairiki Bear’s “Venom”, and R Sound Design’s “Imperial Girl”, he has also covered other popular artists like Eve and TK from Ling Tosite Sigure. While most of the songs he covers show off the softer, more emotional side of his voice, Izuru can also produce raspier growls and shouts if the song calls for them.

Karaoke Streams

Izuru’s karaoke streams make up most of his channel and are often considered to be his main content. He almost always plays his own accompaniment in every karaoke stream he hosts. Although his guitar is his favored instrument, Izuru can also play piano and ukulele, though he does not play them quite as often. Most of the time, these karaoke streams do not have specific themes, but Izuru does occasionally pick a specific theme, genre, or artist as the focus of a given stream. Such examples include Vocaloid songs, Love Live! songs, and songs by Amazarashi.


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