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Shiina Yuika is an adorable psychic girl with over 400,000 subscribers on Youtube. With her hyper cute design and bright personality, she has grown a loyal fan base since her debut in 2018.

Shiina Yuika Background

Shiina Yuika is a psychic girl who is one of the gaming VTubers at Nijisanji. She is a popular VTuber and is known for her cute looks and personality.

Shiina Yuika History

Shiina Yuika originally joined Nijisanji as a scout. She joined as a part of Nijisanji Gamers. On August 1, 2018, she made her debut on Youtube. Shiina was friends with Sasaki Saku prior to her debut and was pleased to meet her at Nijisanji. On August 8, Shiina officially debuted her 3D model.

By February 13, 2019, Shiina’s subscriber count had passed 100,000. Currently, her subscriber count has surpassed 400,000. On Bilibili she has over 140,000 fans.

On December 8, 2019, Shiina was a part of the concert event Virtual to LIVE in 両国国技館 2019 (Ryogoku Kokugikan). On February 26, 2020, she was a performer in Nijisanji Japan TOUR 2020 Shout in the Rainbow!

Shiina Yuika Physical Description

Shiina Yuika is a 153 cm girl. She has pure white hair that appears to be an asymmetrical bob, but is actually long and tied up with a red ribbon in the back. Her hair has a slight pink gradient towards the bottom. Her long bangs almost cover her eyes, which are a soft pink. Shiina wears a school uniform with a cream-colored cardigan over a dress shirt and a plaid red skirt. She wears knee-high white socks and brown shoes. Due to her round face and pink eyes, some call her a strawberry daifuku. In one of her official poses, she is seen sticking her tongue out and her arms are bent like a cat.

Shiina has an alternate Miko outfit which was released on March 29, 2019, after she reached 50,000 subscribers on Youtube. This shrine maiden outfit features Shiina with her long hair out and some adorable cat ears. The red and white dress pairs nicely with her white and pink hair and eyes. At 200,000 subscribers she came out with another beautiful outfit featuring a black and red beret and a detailed and elegant victorian style dress. This new outfit also featured a new hairstyle with two long braids and her bangs pinned to the side.

Shiina recently released a new maid costume as well on March 31, 2021. This costume features Shiina with a new hairstyle, two long pigtails. She wears a tight-fitting, ruffled maid costume with corset detailing and a long tail. There is also a heart-shaped accessory on her costume.

Shiina Yuika Personality

Shiina Yuika has a very calm disposition that may be considered lazy by some. However, she is very multifaceted. Shiina is surprisingly very good at communicating with others and is often found taking the lead in many situations. Due to this, she often finds opportunities to collaborate with other popular VTubers. She also has a great sense of humor and will often crack a joke to ease the tension. Shiina believes that her flaw is that she has a habit of apologizing too much.

Shiina has a lot of talents. Her special skill is the art of Japanese calligraphy. She also has written and drawn manga and short stories under the pen name Shiina Shii.

As a psychic, Shiina gives good fortune to those around her. She has a special trait known to others as Shiina Synergy or Shishina. It is known to VTubers that Shiina can grant a fortune buff to those who she judges as friends. Many VTubers claim that it helped them during difficult games.

Notable Games and Series

Shiina Yuika enjoys playing games such as APEX Legends, Minecraft, and Valorant. Aside from very popular games, she tends to impulsively play games that look interesting to her. Because of this, she has actually played a lot of more niche or indie games. Shiina doesn’t stream as regularly as many other VTubers. However, she always posts her streaming schedules on Twitter on the day of.
When Shiina isn’t streaming games, she also likes singing and uploading song cover videos on Youtube. Sometimes she also has chatting streams and ASMR streams.


Some of Shiina’s most popular videos are her ASMR streams. Many of Shiina’s fans love her for her cute design and her sweet voice. Due to this, her ASMR videos do very well and are extremely popular among fans. In her ASMR videos, her viewers can listen to trying a variety of activities such as relaxing massage sounds, ear cleaning, and whispering.

Notable Partnerships/Collaborations

Often Shiima would collaborate with her close friend, Sasaki Saku. Their collaboration name was called Sakuyui. Another group is Oshirii, which included Shiina and Makai Noririmu. These two had the most collaborations amongst their Gamers generation of members. There are many other collaboration groups in that Shiina has participated in. To name a few, there are Nijisanji GALS, Shinsengumi, Sticky, and more.


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