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Inui Toko stands out from her Nijisanji group with her impressive, mature singing voice. Her laid-back and erratic approach to streaming is both endearing and difficult to track. As a result, her fans rely on social media to watch their favorite Cerberus songstress.

Inui Toko Background

Inui Toko is a female Japanese VTuber affiliated with Nijisanji. She is a Cerberus working at a traditional tea shop in Japan. Inui made her debut in early 2019 as part of the Sanbaka trio.

Inui Toko History

Inui debuted on YouTube on March 23, 2019. Later that year, Inui received an updated 2D model with the rest of Sanbaka on October 18. To celebrate reaching 50,000 subscribers, Inui debuted an autumn-themed outfit in November. Inui received her 3D model early compared to her debut date in the Nijisanji Virtual to Live Ryogoku Kokugikan concert on December 8, 2019. She hosted a celebratory stream for the model in March 2020. At the same time, Inui canceled a scheduled live appearance in the Nijisanji Shout in the Rainbow Tour due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In December 2020, Inui streamed her first solo live event "Who I Am," and performed original music. As of April 2021, Inui has over 430,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Inui Toko Physical Description

Inui is a Cerberus with both human and dog-like characteristics. She has long brown hair worn in low twin tails, fastened with dog-shaped clips. The clips are actually living creatures named Ban and Ken and they occasionally speak. Her rounded puppy ears match her chocolate brown hair. She has two eye colors, one yellow and one red. The red matches the inside of her ears and the ribbon details on her outfit. Given her job at a traditional tea shop, Inui wears a kimono-inspired waitress outfit with long furisode sleeves and a white frilly apron. Her bushy tail peeks out from beneath her skirt hem. She wears thick boots, but the claws from her feet poke through the toes.

Inui has received three additional outfits themed for the seasons. Her summer outfit includes an off-shoulder graphic tee and a red and green floral print mini skirt. The red and green color scheme continues in her autumn design. She wears a long green prairie dress under a white cardigan. She accessorized with a red purse and beret. Her hairstyle changes from twin tails to two braids. For winter, she wears a fancy red kimono with a bold white and green floral print. She also wears a fur shrug over and lets her hair down.

Inui Toko Personality

Inui is laidback and free-spirited. As a result, she rarely follows a schedule and streams at random. Her fans rely on her Twitter announcements to find out about upcoming streams. She's known for her witty comebacks and affected Kansai accent. Her closest friends are the other members of Sanbaka, Ange Katrina, and Lize Helesta. Ange describes Inui as someone honest and kind-hearted. Lize also notes Inui's sincerity as well as her adaptive nature. Her streams tend to be casual and relaxing. However, she can get fired up over the Ensemble Stars franchise and ramble excitedly about it for hours.

Associated Company

Inui debuted as part of Nijisanji's large 2019 wave of VTubers. Nijisanji actively groups its members together, especially when debuting new streamers. Inui debuted in a trio dubbed "Sanbaka," an abbreviation of Sanba Carnival. While Inui mostly collaborates with other Sanbaka members, she has formed significant relationships around her interests with other VTubers.

VEnStars Club

VEnStars Club is an inter-agency VTuber fan club for the Ensemble Stars franchise. Other key members of the fan club are Hololive’s Hoshimachi Suisei and ENTUM's Minamori Hiro. Ensemble Stars is a Japanese multimedia idol training franchise. Inui's favorite character is Isara Mao.

Notable Releases/Videos

Inui is a casual streamer and tends to primarily post-chat streams and late-night gaming videos. She also has a talent for singing and covers popular songs on YouTube for her channel.

Singing Streams

Inui's singing ability has earned her the nickname "Nijisanji's Songstress." She posted her first cover, featuring "RE:I AM" by Aimer, On April 29, 2019. At the time of writing, the video has over 7.5 million views and is one of Nijisanji's most viewed videos. Inui also performs during group streams, Nijisanji live events, and by request during her free chat streams. As of April 2021, she has performed over 200 partial or full song covers for viewers. Inui also started performing original songs in 2020. She released her first music video for her original song "Jigokuya Hacchou Arashi" in November 2020. As of April 2021, the video has over 2 million views. The song is not yet available for download.

Coffee Talk

In a unique gaming series, Inui streamed the Indonesian visual novel Coffee Talk. Gameplay revolves around listening to customer problems, offering advice, and serving appropriate drinks with the ingredients on hand. The game suits Inui's profession as a tea shop waitress. The archived series contains five videos all lasting an hour or an hour and a half long. These videos provide an easy entry point to Inui's personality and laid-back style with more structure than her usual chat streams.


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