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OtapediaKanae - VTuber

Kanae is one of Nijisanji’s most popular VTubers with almost 700,000 subscribers. Fans love his soft demeanor and kindness and he is one of the biggest male VTubers online. Many people describe him as “fluffy” because of his sweet voice and angelic nature.

Kanae Background

Kanae is a super sociable VTuber so he has a big social circle. He is a member of Nijisanji and often collaborates with other members. Kanae plays a lot of games but mostly FPS games. He has a large following and streams very often.

Kanae History

Kanae decided to audition to be a VTuber because of a friend. He originally auditioned for the second wave of members but did not pass. He was later offered a position in either Nijisanji Gamers or Nijisanji SEEDS. He decided on Gamers and debuted in their first generation. Kanae was already exceptional at FPS games and was even invited to join a PUBG gaming team. He declined them to instead joining Nijisanji Gamers. On May 2, 2018, Kanae made his official debut on Youtube.

In November of 2019, Kanae released his official 3D model. On October 12, 2020, Kanae announced that he would be sponsored by Logitech and he is now a “Logitech G Official Supporter”

Kanae has also participated in many gaming tournaments. These include tournaments for PUBG, APEX Legends, League of Legends, Super Smash Brothers, and more.

Kanae Physical Description

Kanae is 175 cm and has a soft and friendly face. He has wavy ash brown hair with a hairclip and kind downturned eyes. There is a mole right underneath his left eye. In Kanae’s original design he is wearing an indoor pajama outfit. It is a black turtleneck with a mint-colored hoodie. This is paired with striped white sweatpants and slippers that have an animal paw design. He is also seen carrying a black stuffed cat plushie.

Kanae’s current design is chicer. His fluffy hair is tied in a low ponytail and multiple piercings on his ear. He is wearing a gray turtleneck sweater with a black cardigan accented with white. On the bottom, he wears stylish harem pants and black combat boots. In an alternate design, he wears his hair parted to the side with a dangly white earring. In this design, he is dressed in a cream sweater vest over a white dress shirt, black fitted trousers, and a pair of oxford shoes.

Kanae’s other outfits include an idol outfit for his group ChroNoir, a Game day military outfit, a Christmas outfit, and a commemorative Japanese style outfit for reaching 50,000 subscribers.

Kanae Personality

Kanae is supposedly 20 years old, but his actual age is unknown. He is often considered a mysterious person because he is not easy to read. However, his charming and sociable disposition has made him quite popular. Kanae is known to be very good at holding conversations effortlessly and has in turn developed a wide social circle of friends. He has collaborated with many gamers, manga artists, voice actors, and even international Nijisanji members. Even with a language barrier he can communicate and make others comfortable. He is not known to ever get very emotional and is always calm and confident.

Kanae has a mischievous side as well. He is known for lying very casually and using a lot of sarcasm. This, however, is also a part of his charm. Kanae always speaks highly of his friends and wants to improve himself as well.

Kana’s mascot is a black cat plushie called Roto. Roto is a cat demon possessing this stuffed doll. Roto has the ability to transform freely. He has a deep low voice and doesn’t speak much, making other Nijisanji mascots scared of him.

Associated Company

Kanae is a member of the vocal unit ChroNoir, along with another Nijisanji VTuber, Kuzuha. This is a musical unit produced by Nijisanji. It is the only Nijisanji unit with its own Youtube channel. They have performed many covers as well as their own original songs. The most popular song is an original titled “Heterostasis”

He is a part of many other units within Nijisanji as well. These include KanaChiKuzu, Kanaeboshi, and many other minor units.

Notable Games and Series

Kanae streams extremely frequently. He has the most combined hours streaming of all Nijisanji members. Sometimes he even streams for 11 hours or longer at a time. The majority of games that Kanae plays are FPS games. He sometimes also plays social games, mahjong, RPGs, and more. However, he is known to dislike horror games

One of Kanae’s appealing points is how good he is at games. He is very experienced with playing Minecraft and often makes very impressive builds. He enjoys playing with efficiency in mind, so he had once built a villager farm where he would sell his villagers. This earned him a nickname that translates to “The Dark Side of Nijisanji”.

RPG games

Kanae plays a lot of RPG games as well. He has played Cyberpunk 2077, Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, Dark Souls, and more. His skill level makes him a great player in any kind of game and he doesn’t restrict himself to a certain genre or popular games only.


On January 8, 2021, Kanae announced a new product line. Nijisanji released a line for Roto. On the official Nijisanji website, merchandise is available for Kanae’s mascot Roto. Fans can buy a ceramic mug with Roto’s design, a Roto plushie, and Roto pajamas.


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