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OtapediaFuwa Minato - VTuber

Fuwa Minato is a relatively new member of Nijisanji, debuting at the end of 2019. Despite his newer states, Minato is part of some of Nijisanji's popular subunits and collaborations. He charms viewers with his goofy, eccentric personality that contrasts with his pretty boy host appearance.

Fuwa Minato Background

Fuwa Minato is a Japanese male VTuber managed by Nijisanji. He works at a host club, but cannot drink alcohol. As a result, he made a streaming account to make friends with similar interests. Due to the nature of his work, Fuwa usually streams late at night.

Fuwa Minato History

Fuwa debuted on YouTube on November 30, 2019, along with Shirayuki Tomoe and Gwelu Os Gar. He received a second costume in November 2020 and shortly after reached 200,000 subscribers. Fuwa debuted his 2D design update on December 15, 2020, one month after announcing the plans for his 3D model in 2021. He appeared in the lineup for Nijisanji Festival 2021 alongside Kuzuha, Kanae, and other Nijisanji gamers. On April 1, 2021, Fuwa celebrated reaching 300,000 subscribers with a YouTube live stream. As of the end of April 2021, Fuwa has over 315,000 subscribers.

Fuwa Minato Physical Description

Fuwa is a young man with a flamboyant sense of style. He has shaggy silver hair with pink and purple highlights throughout, matching his eyes. In his primary outfit, Fuwa wears a leather and cotton mockneck t-shirt adorned with diagonal gold zippers on the chest. Over the shirt, he wears a heavy purple leather jacket with a studded, textured collar. The jacket features multiple white buckles, silver studs, and lime green accents. He accessorizes with layered necklaces, bracelets, and a white leather belt. In his host outfit design, Fuwa wears his hair parted and bangs pushed back. He wears a patterned black suit with a silk lapel, pinstripe vest, and deep purple tie. He also wears more jewelry, including rings and multiple ear piercings.

Fuwa Minato Personality

Fitting for a host, Fuwa has a friendly, approachable personality. He speaks openly with everyone and tries to offer helpful advice to his viewers and collaborators. At the same time, he has an off-the-wall sense of humor and numerous personality quirks. During videos, he often mutters nonsensical things or makes odd noises to himself. His tendency to choose odd thumbnails for his videos earns him teasing from fans, calling him airheaded or brain dead. Despite his job, Fuwa often falls flat when trying to flirt with the female Nijisanji members. While his goofier side dominates his personality, Fuwa is a serious and talented gamer.

Notable Games and Series

Fuwa specializes in first-person shooter games and enjoys multiplayer gameplay. However, he also regularly streams horror games, despite his late-night streaming time.

Splatoon 2

One of Fuwa's longest-running game series features the Nintendo game Splatoon 2. His Splatoon 2 streams feature some of Fuwa's most ridiculous thumbnails. These include character art inspired by JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and Hamtaro. Fuwa features many collaborators from Nijisanji while playing Splatoon. Aside from his debut cohort, Fuwa regularly plays with Ex Albio, Yuzuki Roa, and Shiina Yuika. The streaming length for his Splatoon videos is very erratic, with some as short as 40 minutes and others lasting over nine hours.

Horror Games

Fuwa frequently streams various horror game titles. He plays in the dark and requests that his viewers watch in the dark to test how frightening the game actually is. During gameplay, Fuwa rapidly narrates his thought process and emotions, showing his airheaded personality. He also gives menacing enemies cute nicknames in an attempt to quell his own fears. Despite his downplaying, Fuwa is easily scared. However, he enjoys the rush of fear and the teasing rapport with his viewers.

Notable Partnerships/Collaborations

As a naturally friendly person, Fuwa developed strong relationships with many other virtual creators. His most significant relationships are with other Nijisanji gamers, but he's also friends with popular singers.


Mafumafu is a popular utaite, or cover singer, on the NicoNico Douga app. He debuted in 2010 and gained exposure through his soft, yet upbeat tenor vocals. In 2020, Fuwa reached out to Mafumafu and quickly became friends through playing APEX Legends together. Fuwa offered Mafumafu advice regarding his apprehension streaming. In return, Mafumafu expressed his desire to write a song for Fuwa to perform.


Mesher's is the name for Fuwa's trio with fellow Nijisanji VTubers Mayuzumi Kai and Saegusa Akina. Initially, the group only included Mayuzumi and Saegusa, but they quickly added Fuwa after his debut. Together, they entered the APEX Legends Japan Series Tournament in June 2020. The group often appears together in larger Nijisanji collaboration events, such as the Nijisanji CAFE collaboration with Sweets Paradise.

Other Activities

Fuwa performed a comical cover of "Love Dokkyun" by CLUB PRINCE in his debut live stream. He sang again in June 2020, performing a cover of "Call Boy" by Syudou. At the time of writing, the cover is his most popular video with over 5 million views. On April 18, 2021, Fuwa released his first original song called "Last Song."


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