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OtapediaSaegusa Akina - VTuber

Saegusa Akina is a sociable member of Nijisanji, more often appearing in other's streams rather than his own. His upbeat attitude creates an inviting atmosphere in all his stream appearances. An aspiring musician, Saegusa frequently appears in musical collaborations across Nijisanji.

Saegusa Akina Background

Saegusa Akina is a male Japanese VTuber affiliated with Nijisanji. He is an enthusiastic university student that tries to give his all with everything he does. His dream is to perform at Budoukan one day. Saegusa primarily streams gaming and singing content and participates in large Nijisanji collaborations. He does not follow a schedule but streams around once every three days for one to five hours.

Saegusa Akina History

Saegusa debuted on YouTube on April 7, 2019. During his 20,000 subscriber stream, Saegusa revealed that he spent time in the hospital two weeks after his debut due to stress. Nijisanji celebrated his 50,000 subscriber milestone with a new costume reveal on August 28, 2019. In February 2020, Saegusa received the 2.0 touch-up for his 2D model. Shortly after, he celebrated reaching 100,000 followers on Twitter with a short commemorative stream. The following month, he celebrated the same milestone with 100,000 subscribers on YouTube. On December 25, 2020, Saegusa received his 3D model, debuting it during a YouTube live stream in collaboration with SEGA. As of April 2021, Saegusa has over 300,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Saegusa Akina Physical Description

Saegusa is a thin young man with teal eyes, black hair, and his trademark red highlight. In his standard outfit, he wears a white hoodie with a red graphic print under a heavy black coat. The coat slumps off his shoulders, revealing a gold diamond pattern lining. He wears cropped black joggers and black boots with gold laces. His only accessory is a collar-like black choker.

In his alternate design, Saegusa wears a lightweight mock turtleneck top with a three-quarter zip and a gold ring zipper pull. On top, he wears a silky red jacket with a white quilted lining. One side of the jacket collar features the gold diamond pattern from his standard jacket lining. His pants have wide black and brown pinstripes and he wears two-toned red and black sneakers.

Saegusa Akina Personality

Saegusa has an energetic, friendly personality that creates welcoming, casual streams. He has a tendency to get overly loud, particularly when he gets too invested in a game. His sociable nature leads to many collaborations, particularly with other male VTubers and large groups. When addressing women, especially those he doesn't know well, Saegusa becomes awkward and easily flustered. This unfortunate habit earned him the fan-attributed quality of "virgin boy spirit." During his 3D live stream, Saegusa openly admitted to being a shotacon.

Associated Company

As a VTuber, Saegusa debuted under the virtual talent agency Nijisanji. His first exposure to VTubers was Kizuna Ai on the NicoNico Douga app and he didn't expect the trend to catch on. A year later, after the 2018 Nijisanji boom, he decided to audition as a VTuber himself.

Beni Zuwaigani

Beni Zuwaigani is the nickname for Saegusa's debut cohort along with Aizono Manami. On December 24, 2019, Saegusa did his first offline collaboration with Aizono eight months after their debut. Despite working with Aizono before, Saegusa was incredibly nervous and could not look directly at her. This interaction earned him his eternal virgin nickname.

Notable Releases/Videos

Saegusa streams a well-rounded variety of content typical of most VTubers. His stand-out traits come from his organization and participation in large collaborations and his adaptable singing voice.

Nijisanji and VTuber Tournaments

Saegusa frequently participates in large-scale Nijisanji events and tournaments. In June 2019, he joined the VTuber PUBG Tournament on a team with Shibuya Hajime and Sakura Ritsuki. Saegusa hosted practice sessions with his team in the days leading up to the competition. Similarly, Saegusa joined the 2nd Nijisanji Mario Kart Tournament in December 2019. The competition included 67 VTubers competing in a qualifying bracket style. Saegusa competed in the C block and hosted the streams on his channel. He ultimately progressed to the finals and finished in 8th place. In September 2020, Saegusa organized Nijisanji's first karaoke rally for its male VTubers, called the Nijimen Utaite Rally.


Most often, Saegusa sings during his commemorative streams or performs on request during chat streams. He appears on other channels in group song collaborations, usually with the other members of NijiRock and Rain Drops. These videos are organized on a playlist on Saegusa's channel titled "Collab Songs." He posted his first solo song cover on January 31, 2020, performing "Kokoro Nashi" by Cyoucyo P. As of April 2021, the cover is his most popular video with over 2.9 million views. Like the other members of Rain Drops, Saegusa also covers their original songs as solo versions on his channel. His talents show in upbeat pop-rock songs, as seen in his December 2020 cover of "Telecaster B-Boy" by Surii.

Other Activities

Saegusa is a member of the Nijisanji band Rain Drops, signed to Virgin Records under Universal Music Group. The band members include Elu, Ryushen, Suzuki Masaru, Joe Rikiichi, and Warabeda Meiji. They released their first album, Synesthesia, on May 13, 2020. In November 2020, they released a second album, Ontology, along with a Blu-Ray disc of music videos for the album. Rain Drops released their first single, Refrains, in April 2021. All music is available for download and purchase on the Universal Music website.


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