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Kaguya Luna had one of the most explosive debuts for a virtual YouTuber. Her wild antics and cool design earned the adoration of hundreds of thousands of fans. At her peak, Kaguya was the second most popular VTuber, surpassed only by the VTuber pioneer, Kizuna Ai.

Kaguya Luna Background

Kaguya is a VTuber designed by Mika Pikazo. After her debut, Kaguya found major success and became the second most subscribed VTuber after Kizuna AI. She is known for her hyperactivity, playful personality, and unique voice. In 2020, her dwindling activity led to her dropping below 1 million subscribers.

Kaguya Luna History

Kaguya joined YouTube on December 4, 2017. She posted her self-introduction video six days later and immediately took off. Over 2018, Kaguya averaged over 1 million views on each posted video that year, gaining attention from media and fellow VTuber, Kizuna AI. Her first year featured major live events, television specials, and advertising campaigns. However, her activity started to drop in 2019 as she posted videos less frequently. She reached 1 million subscribers soon after posting her song "Dance with Cinderella."

In 2020, Kaguya released her debut album Batsu Batsu Batsu Virtual Edition. However, soon after her activity drastically reduced to an average of one video per month. As of April 2021, Kaguya has not posted a video since August 2020. Neither Kaguya nor her management company Vic Inc. has announced any plans for her retirement. Kaguya's voice actress, known as P-Maru Sama, has increased her activity on her own YouTube channel. Shortly after Kaguya's activity dropped, P-Maru started releasing promotional music videos for an upcoming album. The album, Sunny!!, came out in March 2021.

Kaguya Luna Physical Description

Despite her official age of 145, Kaguya looks like a teenage girl. She wears her silver hair in twin tails high on her head behind a set of yellow cat ear-like accessories. Two black barrettes resembling video game controller buttons hold back a lock of hair next to her bangs. Her color scheme uses a black base and accents of red, blue, and yellow. She wears a futuristic black sleeveless dress with high color and a cut-out window over her chest. Her waist is cinched by an obi-style belt with a graphic print motif. A multicolored "x" motif repeats throughout her outfit, seen on the pleats of her skirt and on her back. She wears red thigh-high knee socks and chunky, high-top sneakers. Two white ribbons adorn her wrists, tied with a rabbit ear-style bow.

Kaguya Luna Personality

Kaguya has a high-energy, free-spirited personality. Her antics have earned her nicknames like "Strong Zero," an alcoholic drink with a design similar to her outfit, and "cocaine-chan." She tends to argue with and occasionally insult her viewers, always out of good fun. Unlike other female VTubers popular during her peak, Kaguya differentiated herself with crude, sometimes vulgar jokes. Her

Associated Company

Kaguya operates under the virtual talent agency Vic Inc. In November 2018, the agency announced the creation of The Moon Studio subsidiary group to manage Kaguya and another VTuber Pinky Pop Hepburn. The Moon Studio managed these talents until December 2019, closing operations and returning the VTubers to Vic Inc. Unlike other VTuber management groups, Vic Inc. does not handle musical activities. Instead, Kaguya's musical management is handled separately by Sacra Music.

Notable Releases/Videos

Kaguya's high-energy videos followed popular formats used by vloggers in 2018. Despite debuting as a solo entity, she gained more notoriety by collaborating with other VTubers in her videos. At the same time, Kaguya's impressions of celebrities and other VTubers became some of her most popular videos.

Videos with Kizuna AI

Kaguya's most successful relationship with another VTuber was her high-profile work with Kizuna AI. The two first worked together on April Fool's Day 2018. They each posted a video in a gag that they had switched bodies. For their birthdays, Kaguya appeared on Kizuna's live stream that June and they repeated the body switch gag for Kaguya's celebration in October. In November 2018, they each released a video on their respective channels commencing their first face-to-face collaboration. Two actors impersonating the VTubers performed on the Super Rap Battle YouTube channel in December 2018. Kaguya and Kizuna reenacted the video on Kizuna's channel in July 2019 for their most recent collaboration.


As part of her explosive debut, Kaguya gained attention from fans and other VTubers for her impression videos. She first started posting short impression videos with crude drawings to her Twitter in December 2017. Fan responses to the videos led to her first collaboration with Mirai Akari and her relationship with Kizuna AI. She posted her first video of impressions to her YouTube channel in February 2018 acting out fan submissions. Less than two weeks later, she posted a full video of VTuber impressions. Her most recent main channel impression video featured her performing obscure characters as a challenge to her viewers.

Other Activities

Kaguya signed to Sacra Music during the summer of 2018. She released her first single "Beyond the Moon" in August 2018 and Her second single, "Dirty Party," in December. That year, Kaguya also hosted her own television program Talkin' On The Moon on TOKYO MX. She began an advertisement campaign with Japanese instant noodle company Nissin in November 2018. However, she and the company received backlash for a commercial featuring Kaguya badmouthing competitor brands. Her work as the face of the Nissin Yakisoba U.F.O. product kept took over most of her activity throughout 2019. She and the brand hold the record for the world's highest altitude smartphone live stream to celebrate World U.F.O. Day that year.


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