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Oct 24 2020Bonus Points, BanG Dream, and Gaming Glasses! 👓 - Weekly Round Up
Oct 17 2020Discounts! Concert Merch! (And More!) 🎵 - Weekly Round Up
Oct 10 2020So Many Restocks! 😲 - Weekly Round Up
Oct 3 2020New Figure Photo Contest! 📸 - Weekly Round Up
Sep 19 2020New Friends & New Figures! - Weekly Round Up
Sep 19 2020[New Figures] Sword Art Online Negligee Ver.!
Sep 12 2020New Cuddle Buddies 💕 - Weekly Round Up
Sep 5 2020Giveaway + TOM Points + New Collabs - Weekly Round Up
Sep 5 2020New BE@RBRICK: Limited Quantities Only!
Aug 29 2020Beautiful Exclusives 💎 - Weekly Round Up
Aug 15 2020This Weekend ONLY: A New Online Convention! - Weekly Round Up
Aug 8 2020For Discerning Fans✨✨ - Weekly Round Up
Aug 5 2020BE@RBRICK Pre-Orders Closing Soon!
Aug 1 2020BIG New Items! - Weekly Round Up
Jul 25 2020Limited Time Pre-Orders & TOM Exclusives - Weekly Round Up
Jul 4 2020☀️ Summer Sale 2020 ☀️ - Weekly Round Up
Jun 30 2020New BE@RBRICK Pre-Orders!
Jun 27 2020All the way up to 30X Points 💜 - Weekly Round Up
Jun 23 202020X TOM Points 🎊
Jun 20 2020Restocks, Discounts & Limited Pre-Orders - Weekly Round Up
Jun 13 2020New Exclusives, Comiket Merch & More! - Weekly Round Up
Jun 9 2020[New Figures] Fate, Kimetsu no Yaiba and more!
Jun 8 2020New From Listen Flavor
Jun 5 2020[New Figures] JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Fire Emblem and more!
Jun 6 2020Bonus Points, Best Sellers & More - Weekly Round Up
May 29 2020[New Figures] A Certain Scientific Railgun S, Hakuoki and more!
May 30 2020Second Chance Stocks 💪 - Weekly Round Up
May 30 2020Eva Figures & New BE@RBRICK!
May 26 2020[New Merch] SAO, Love Live, Sekiro, and more!
May 26 2020[New Figures] Racing Miku, My Hero Academia and more!
May 23 2020❗Now On Sale❗ - Weekly Round Up
May 22 2020[New Figures] Hatsune Miku, The Case Files of Jeweler Richard and more!
May 21 2020[New Figures] Sword Art Online, Overwatch and more!
May 22 2020Evapacasso Giveaway!
May 16 2020New Giveaways Galore! 🎉 - Weekly Round Up
May 15 2020[New Figures] Zombie Land Saga, Kanon and more!
May 8 2020[New Figures] Kimetsu no Yaiba, Harry Potter and more!
May 1 2020[New Figures] Fate/Grand Order, Re:Zero and more!
May 2 2020Golden Week Points 💛 - Weekly Round Up
Apr 30 2020[New Figures] Date A Live, Racing Miku and more!
Apr 28 2020Free Manga⚡Flash Coupon
Apr 25 2020Last Call for Coupons! - Weekly Round Up
Apr 22 2020[New Merch] Re:Zero, Kimetsu no Yaiba and more!
Apr 22 2020More New Listen Flavor Pre-Orders! 🍬
Apr 18 202020X Points: Final Hours⌛- Weekly Round Up
Apr 18 202020X Points: Final Hours⌛- Weekly Round Up
Apr 10 2020🍬New Listen Flavor Pre-Orders🍬
Apr 12 202020X TOM Points on all items
Apr 10 2020TOM Week: Just 1 Day Left! - Weekly Round Up
Apr 9 2020[New Figures] Hatsune Miku, Date A Live and more!

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