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Sep 23 201830x Points starts now!!!😍😍😍
Sep 21 2018[New Figures] Dennou Shoujo Siro, The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls and more!
Sep 20 2018Pick Your Poison 💀⚡
Sep 21 2018Tokyo Otaku Mode at TGS (Tokyo Game Show!)
Sep 19 2018[New Figures] Fate/Grand Order, Racing Miku and more!
Sep 15 2018They’re back in stock! 😍📦
Sep 13 2018[New Figures] Racing Miku, Berserk and more!
Sep 15 2018GIVEAWAY: Fate/Grand Order figure!
Sep 10 2018Love Live! Sunshine!! - presale last chance 💦
Sep 8 2018The only waifu pillow you’ll ever need 💋
Sep 6 2018[New Figures] Vocaloid, Fate/Grand Order and more!
Sep 5 2018🔥🔥NEW Miku and RIN/LEN shoulder bags!!!
Sep 18 2018Only at TOM: Exclusive Otaku Eyewear!
Sep 5 2018Are you sure you want to lose out the newest benefits?
Sep 4 2018Have a Cardcaptor Sakura fan in your life? ⭐
Sep 1 2018A mini pop-up thank you sale 💌
Aug 31 2018Presale goods extended 😍 Love Live! Sunshine!!
Aug 30 2018[New Figures] Overwatch, Persona 5 and more!
Aug 28 2018[New Figures] Kingdom Hearts, Darling in the Franxx and more!
Aug 27 2018[New Figure] Rebuild of Evangelion Misato Katsuragi Non-Scale Figure!
Aug 28 2018🔥We’re giving away 3 signed Redjuice Artbooks!!!
Aug 25 2018Manga- in FULL COLOR 🌈 😍
Aug 23 2018[New Figures] Racing Miku, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and more!
Aug 23 2018OtakuRoom: And the winners are…. *drumroll 🏆
Aug 22 2018Wicked Kawaii Tees. Can you handle it? 💜
Aug 21 2018[New Figures] Steins;Gate, KonoSuba and more!
Aug 18 2018Exclusive Live Goods Presale 😍 Love Live! Sunshine!!
Aug 20 2018Last chance for FREE points! 😙
Aug 21 2018LAST DAY: Vote to split the $10,000 pot! 🏆
Aug 19 2018OtakuRoom: Vote to split the $10,000 pot! 🏆
Aug 16 2018Write a manga review, win $100 📝💌
Aug 15 2018OtakuRoom Update: See who’s in the lead! 🏆
Aug 9 2018[New Figures] The Familiar of Zero, Arms Note and more!
Aug 15 2018Have a Cardcaptor Sakura fan in your life? ⭐
Aug 12 2018Did you reserve your Chise & Elias inspired watch?
Aug 10 2018#OtakuRoom finalists are in!!! 🙌🙌
Aug 11 2018Want to win $100 shop credit?
Aug 12 2018Back to school sale 🎒🌟
Aug 9 2018Last call: Win a signed copy of ANIMAREAL!!!
Aug 8 2018🍰 Q-pot. 🍰 Last Chance Giveaway!!!
Aug 7 2018[New Figures] Cells at Work!, Haikyu!! and more!
Aug 2 2018[New Figures] Fate/Grand Order, Persona 5 and more!
Aug 5 2018❗FINAL HOURS: Exclusive WonFes Figure Giveaway
Aug 6 2018😱😱The VR novel game you’ve been waiting for
Aug 7 2018Dripping in summer 🍦🌴
Aug 2 2018[New Figures] Fate/Grand Order, Persona 5 and more!
Aug 6 2018Final Hours: Ai Kawashima giveaway 🎧
Aug 1 2018[New Figures] Nendoroid Overwatch Soldier: 76: Classic Skin Edition!
Aug 1 2018Summer Clearance starts NOW!!! 😎✌
Aug 2 2018🍰 Q-pot. 🍰 Sweetest jewelry GIVEAWAY!!!