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Jun 14 2017[Otaku News] Art of Figure Making
May 28 2016[Otaku News] Amazing Pop-Up LEGO of Famous Japanese Historical Sites!
May 14 2016[Otaku News] Eggsellent! Gudetama Cafe is Coming Soon!
Apr 30 2016[Otaku News] New Death Note Movie Trailer Released!
Apr 16 2016[Otaku News] 10 Sailor Fuku Girls to Make Your School Days More Tolerable! [Creator Showcase]
Apr 2 2016[Otaku News] Fullmetal Alchemist Gets Live Action Movie
Mar 26 2016The Samurai Armor Hoodies Project on Indiegogo Supported by Tokyo Otaku Mode is Open Now!
Mar 19 2016[Otaku News] Results of Japan's Seiyuu Awards 2016!
Mar 5 2016Tokyo School of Anime Opens New Special Department & More News from Japan!
Feb 20 2016[Otaku News] WonFes 2016 Winter Photo Collection!
Feb 6 2016[Otaku News] Want Senpai to Notice You? There’s an App for That!
Jan 23 2016[Otaku News] Your Personal Anime-Style Hologram Assistant!
Jan 9 2016[Otaku News] Peek into Comiket 89 with our Photo Report!
Dec 31 2015Most Popular News of 2015 (o^o^o)/
Dec 26 2015[Otaku News] This Just In: Hamster Steals iPhone’s Mini Futon
Dec 12 2015[Otaku News] Seeking Cuddly Animals in Japan!
Nov 28 2015[Otaku News] What is Your Dream Otaku Room?
Nov 14 2015[Otaku News] All Countries Come Together in Hetalia Musical!
Oct 31 2015[Otaku News] A life-sized R2D2 is your personal refrigerator!?
Oct 3 2015New Video :We Sneak Into Tokyo One Piece Tower!
Sep 19 2015[News] Teaser to Drama “Prison School” Posted
Sep 5 2015[Otaku News] An exclusive interview with Shenmue's producer, Yu Suzuki!
Aug 18 2015[Otaku News] Anime chain reaction! Watch them all <3
Aug 9 2015[Survey] For the Happiness of All Otaku!
Aug 1 2015[Otaku News] Free! to be in theaters announced.
Jul 25 2015[Otaku News] Fruits Basket is back after 9 long years!!
Jul 18 2015[Otaku News] Reporting Anime Expo Cosplayers!
Jul 11 2015[Otaku News] Never-before-seen Naruto key frames revealed!
Jul 4 2015[Otaku News] Next generation Naruto movie coming to theaters!

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