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Jan 25 2020💕Valentine Sale💕 w/ 3,000+ items! - Weekly Round Up
Jan 23 2020Your chance to get figures by translating!
Jan 23 2020[New Figures] My Hero Academia, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and more!
Jan 18 2020Save up to a total of $200 on top series! - Weekly Round Up
Jan 17 2020[New Figures] Fate/Grand Order, Fortnite and more!
Jan 11 20202 Huge Slime Giveaways!💙 - Weekly Round Up
Jan 6 2020New BE@RBRICK pre-orders 🐻
Dec 27 2019[New Figures] PSO2, Elf Village and more!
Dec 30 2019[Artbooks] Slime, AoT, My Hero Academia, and more!
Dec 26 2019[New Figures] Fate/Grand Order, Kimetsu no Yaiba and more!
Dec 28 201920X TOM Points! - Weekly Round Up
Jan 1 2020🎉 Happy New Year 2020! 🎉
Dec 21 2019[Ending Soon] Discounts, giveaways, and special pre-orders! - Weekly Round Up
Dec 20 2019Get figures by translating!
Dec 19 2019[New Figures] SSSS.Gridman, Kizuna AI and more!
Dec 18 2019Last call for Fate pre-orders!
Dec 17 2019[New Figures] Sword Art Online, Rebuild of Evangelion and more!
Dec 13 2019[New Figures] Rebuild of Evangelion, Kantai Collection and more!
Dec 14 2019Tons of new TYPE-MOON merch! - Weekly Round Up
Dec 10 2019[New Figures] Fate/stay night, Hypnosis Mic and more!
Dec 5 2019[New Figures] Date A Live, Saekano and more!
Dec 2 2019Cyber Monday Deals on the TOM Shop!
Nov 29 2019Black Friday Deals - Weekly Round Up
Nov 28 2019[New Figures] Persona 5, Fate/Grand Order and more!
Nov 28 2019Sega Catcher Online is coming soon!
Nov 26 2019[New Figures] SSSS.Gridman, Magical DoReMi and more!
Nov 22 2019TOM Super Sale is HERE! - Weekly Round Up
Nov 21 2019[New Figures] My Hero Academia, Rebuild of Evangelion and more!
Nov 19 2019[New Figures] Fire Force, Full Metal Panic! and more!
Nov 16 2019Our Biggest Giveaways of the Year! - Weekly Round Up
Nov 15 2019[New Figures] Splatoon, Devil May Cry and more!
Nov 13 2019Don’t leave free manga on the table!
Nov 12 2019Giveaways to get you pumped 🙌
Nov 9 2019SINGLE'S DAY SALE!!! - Weekly Round Up
Nov 7 2019[New Figures] Hatsune Miku, Phantasy Star Online and more!
Nov 8 2019Get round-trip airline tickets for 2 to Tokyo!
Nov 6 2019[New Figures] Sword Art Online, Love & Producer and more!
Nov 2 2019FREE Holiday Gift Wrapping! - Weekly Round Up
Oct 31 2019[New Figures] Hetalia, It and more!
Oct 30 2019🔥New Anime Streetwear🔥
Oct 29 2019[New Figures] Re:Zero, Saekano and more!
Oct 30 2019Introducing the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon high-resolution reproduction art print!
Oct 30 2019Introducing the Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card Arc high-resolution reproduction art print!
Oct 26 2019A Holiday Gift Sale! - Weekly Round Up
Oct 26 2019NEW Asuna figure w/ TOM exclusive bonus!
Oct 23 2019[New Figures] KonoSuba, Fate/Grand Order and more!
Oct 23 2019[New Figures] Hypnosis Mic, KonoSuba and more!
Oct 19 2019Point 15 / 30x Campaign! - Weekly Round Up
Oct 17 2019⚠️Secret Figure Restock Alert⚠️
Oct 17 2019Last Chance: Win 1 Year of FREE Anime with HIDIVE!