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Seen the movie yet? 🔥 A whole bunch of Demon Slayer items have sold out lately, but we’re doing our best to keep the rest available for at least a little longer. Get ‘em while you can!
Weekly Highlights
A rare and special treat for Knights of Sidonia fans! Available for a limited time only, this elegant, high-end wooden music box plays the final 16 bars of the series’ opening theme song. (Note: Pre-orders will close at the end of May.)
[New from Love Live] Celebrate the 5th anniversary of Aqours with this eye-catching canvas art board! Also now up for pre-order: 5th anniversary tapestries highlighting each individual Aqours member, plus additional new items featuring Superstar and Nijigasaki characters & motifs.
[New from Date A Live] Speaking of anniversaries—this year marks the 10th anniversary of Date A Live! We’ve added a variety of commemorative merchandise, including the charming wall scroll shown above.
[New from Capcom] Monster Hunter figures and plushies, Resident Evil Village apparel, and more!
TOM Premium Exclusive
3 different romance manga are currently available for FREE online, as long as you’re a TOM Premium member. Be sure to read them before the free access end date listed above each title on MANGA.CLUB!
Review of the Week
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Fullmetal Alchemist Roy Mustang 1/8 Scale Figure
30 Apr. 2021
Mustang 1/8 Sentinel
Came in very good condition. He looks good and has many display options with 2 faceplates, a chess piece, gloves, and coat. The chair also acts as a place to hold extra pieces which is pretty convenient
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