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Genesis x Fuzichoco Fantasy Fairytale Scroll Vol. 1: Princess Kaguya 1/7 Scale Figure
30 Nov. 2020
Lovely figure, although different from the prototype photos
If you are not familiar with the story of Kaguya-hime, she is the main character of a very old Japanese folk tale. The short story is that she is found by an old couple inside a bamboo stalk and grows up to be a very beautiful woman, sought after by many men. She gives them many impossible tasks to try and win her heart.

I love that this figure incorporates the five items that Kaguya-hime asks her suitors for in her story. These items are Buddha's stone begging bowl (represented by the pedestal of the figure), a jeweled branch (the ball branch on the base), a robe of fire-rat skins (the fur over her arm), a jewel from a dragon's neck (the orb on her obi), and a swallow's cowry shell (this is harder to identify in the figure, but I believe it's the loop of pink "shells" also on her obi).

The final product differed from the prototype images in several ways. Overall, I don't think these differences take away from the figure, and if I hadn't seen what the prototype looked like (the images on TOM) I would think it's a very beautiful figure. However, it should be noted that it simply does not look the same as the preview photos!

- Hair is more black in the prototype, with a bit of a clear/glossy plastic look. In reality, it is a shimmering matte, dark blue color.

- The clouds in the background are clear and more lightly colored in the prototype. I absolutely hate the opaque green coloring of the final product - they look like fart clouds to me... This is my biggest disappointment in the figure, and I really wish they could have kept them clear.

- The dragon pearl on her obi in the prototype appears more clean and shiny. In person, the real product has a very dull/frosted pearl, which looks kind of like dirty old plastic.

- The orange part of her robe (where she is sitting) is a shiny gold in the final product. It really blends in to the gold clouds under her, so I would have liked to see this stay the orange color in the prototype.
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