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Now available for pre-order: specially designed glasses, dakimakura pillow covers, and other high-quality new merchandise inspired by hololive VTubers Shirakami Fubuki and Ookami Mio.

The glasses come with clear lenses, so if you’re lucky enough to have perfect eyesight, you can wear them as-is. Alternatively, you can visit a local optometrist to get them switched out for prescription lenses. Glasses are really versatile, after all. Make Fubuki proud!
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Here’s a new batch of Love Live concert merch, this time featuring all three Nijigasaki High School Idol Club sub-units. The selection includes light blades themed after each sub-unit, adorable keychains depicting cat versions of NijiGaku characters, and much more!
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Review of the Week
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Sword Art Online Asuna: ALO Undine Color Ver. 1/6 Scale Figure (Re-run)
29 Jun. 2021
Beautiful figure. Horrid base.
She has to be totally flat and nothing is held in place, it's all loose. Which wouldn't be so bad if she didn't also have the thinnest, lamest base I have ever seen. The sand base itself is about a clamshell worth of thickness and honestly starts to sploot under the weight of just the figure.

She however is still amazing to look at and well made. Really surprised at the contrast in quality from the figure itself to the base. She is gorgeous and worth it for her alone. And I guess that's the part that really matters.
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