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We’re thrilled & honored to share with you the results of our latest Figure Photo Contest! Please join us in sending a big round of congratulations to all the winning submissions. We’re deeply thankful to everyone who took the time to enter!
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Speaking of figures, here’s one of our recent favorites: the first-ever scale figure of Kabane from Kemono Jihen! Included is an optional Awakening face part (shown above) so you can display him two different ways.
[New from eStream] This heartwarming two-in-one figure of Yukino & Yui (from Oregairu) is now freshly up for pre-order as of just a few days ago!
Maybe you prefer low-price (yet high quality) figures…. in which case we’ve still got a lot to offer, including a truly noble-looking rendition of Amaterasu from Okami. Tip—after opening the page, sort by Best Selling to see what’s currently going fast!
Come check out our latest big batch of Love Live series merch! Among them, you’ll find a rather surprising (but incredibly cute) line of unique collab items featuring Aqours and Crayon Shin-chan.
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Review of the Week
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figma Overwatch Pharah
Psycho Werekitsune
03 Apr. 2021
Pharah's one of the more interesting Overwatch characters because of the design of her power armour. While we probably will never get a Reinhardt figure, we can at least feel good knowing that GSC is capable of putting out more mechanical designs like this with plenty of detail on said armour. The extra polish to give it a more metallic sheen is a nice touch as well, and you can put her in some great poses. The amount of accessories you get is the standard fare, a few extra hands and a helmetless head along with her rocket launcher.

Solid figure if you're a fan of the franchise or just happen to like characters in power armour (she'd look great posed next to one of the two Samus figmas).
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