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Yet again, we’re drowning in new figures (somehow this seems to happen a lot lately—not that we’re complaining!). This page collects all new pre-order figures that currently come with bonus TOM Points for Premium members.

Tip: If you want to know which ones might be about to lose their bonus points, scroll to the very end to find the oldest-added items. The exact bonus point deadline for each figure will be listed at the top of their individual product descriptions.
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Last chance! Pre-orders for items from this world-class collection of GHOST IN THE SHELL: SAC_2045 merchandise will close at 11:59 pm Feb. 28 (JST).
February 2021 marks the 15th anniversary of the Nendoroid figure series. Well over 1500+ Nendoroids have been produced and/or announced to date, with no sign of slowing down! Some have long since sold out, but you might be able to find a few of your favorite characters (old & new alike) tucked away in the TOM Shop line-up.
Heads up: we’ve emailed the winners of our recent Albedo and Shalltear giveaway (as well as the winner of the Megumin figure giveaway that ran at the same time last week). If you didn’t enter or win but are interested in these 3 figures, keep in mind that their pre-order period officially closes at the end of February JST. TOM usually tries our best to secure a large enough supply to keep pre-orders going even after the cut-off point, but if you can, it’s always safer to order sooner rather than later.
TOM Premium Exclusive
As one giveaway ends, another rises to take its place…. the latest Premium Exclusive Giveaway features Ruby Rose from RWBY. Enter now for your chance to bring her home!
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Key Set 2020
25 Feb. 2021
Amazing set for any Key fan!
I have to admit, I am a huge fan of Key's works so i couldn't resist buying these sets. I am especially happy with this set, the price was lower than the others so i didn't expect as good quality but i am super happy.
The included poster/calendar is really bigger than i expected and looks amazing! The A3 poster sets looks great, I mostly purchased these for the Summer Pockets posters and wasn't disappointed.
The CD is a great item to own as both a collector and as someone who loves some of Keys great tracks as well.
The set also includes a Acrylic key chain which is now on my keys and a Eco bag which might be useful for some though it's a collectors item for me.
Finally is the next project prelude note, it's got some interesting concept art inside and will make for a good read though it's course in Japanese so this is more of a collectors item to display and brag about (though i am able to read it slowly so i can enjoy it a little more) - it's a pretty rare item by accounts now.
Super impressed with this set.
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