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Here’s where you’ll find our ranking of the all-time most favorited products on the TOM Shop—or at least those still available for order, that is! It’s an intriguing (and very figure-heavy) mix of classic and brand new items & series.
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We have to admit, many of the above all-time favorites cost a pretty penny. But these figures under $40 certainly don’t. In fact, quite a few of them look nearly as good as typical scale figures. And we add new wallet-friendly figures every week!
Also newly added: plenty more Nendoroids & mini figures, some very wallet-friendly and some astonishingly deluxe.
While we’re on the subject of figures, don’t forget to enter TOM’s ongoing Figure Photo Contest! (For those who don’t use social media, we accept submissions via Google Form as well. Details on the page!)
Of course, the TOM Shop carries far more than just figures. If you haven’t checked out our CD & Blu-ray selection lately, you might be startled by how much we have available. Tons of anime-related singles & albums, music from Vocaloid producers, limited-edition Gundam and Aniplex Blu-rays . . . and the list goes on. Sort by Newest to see the latest!
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hololive English x Anime EXPO Lite 2021 B2-Size Tapestry
29 Sep. 2021
Holo EN Tapestry
The colors of the tapestry are vibrant and it's of a decent size (roughly 2.5ft W/2ft H)

Not much else to say. The final design matches the preview image and it looks great on my wall. Very happy with it.
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